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Re: If anyone has a US NGCD System they are looking to sell, let me know!

Hey neogeofl,

actually... we do not do buying and selling on the boards.... but via email, I could try to find you something. It is pretty hard to find a US Neo CD system... I haven't had one in over a year now... pretty crazy.

Now... what are you writing about the Neo CD for in the AES section? :D :lol
*topic moved for you* ~ no big deal :)

Anyway, I haven't seen any on the market place either... they are pretty scarce... and when you do find them, they tend to be expensive.... Especially complete in box.

†B†V† :hat
Re: If anyone has a US NGCD System they are looking to sell, let me know!

lesley said:
Almost impossible my friend. :?
Man, this is an old thread. I have gone through a few US NGCD Systems in the past and found another one last year. Not too hard if you look diligently!
i'm looking for a USA NGCD system. they seem to be extremely scarce. was wondering if you could help me out blue, or if anyone has any directions, could you possibly point me the right way? thanks :)
I have rarely seen one on ebay. Usually the person is from Florida or California doing the selling.

I will keep my eyes open for one. Why would you want a Japanese model over a US one? I think they edit out the blood in the games.

there a few reasons.

one, i dont mind the censored blood and those kinds of things since they really dont detract from the overall enjoyment. i do prefer my games unedited, but if i have younger kids to play my games, like my brother's kids or maybe my own someday God-willing, i would like them to enjoy great SNK gaming goodness without the gore (which is oftentimes over-the-top or exaggerated to begin with). media is clogged with a lot of over-exposure to these types of things so at least they can get a break from it all somewhere. plus sometimes it makes me laugh when i've dealt a mortal blow and all i see is "sweat". anybody who loses that much blood in a round of fighting should be dead anyways :lol

second, and more importantly to me, i would like to play my games in english. sure i can get by since these are mostly arcade style games that dont require a whole lot of story or reading to enjoy... however, it is nice to read the dialogue sometimes because it does pull you in even if the story is cheesy. i like bad/funny SNK translations :D. some games have the option to change it to english, but there are some that don't and i'd be using it for those.

lastly, i've read top loaders are much more reliable and that USA systems share this quality and maybe even more so.

i'm afraid it may take a while for me to find one, but you never know and i'll just wait it out until i can find what i'm looking for. even better if i could find a mint condition console that has been modified to where i can switch back and forth between USA and Japan language bios.

thanks for the help! if anyone sees anything, let me know :)

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