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Have you ever bought a game that you were so excited to open up and play and were stunned at how bad it sucks? Complete waste of money?
Mine was certainly Super Paper Mario. I'm not saying that it completely sucked, it's just that the 2D-3D thing didn't impress me at all. I've played every other Paper out there and loved everything about them. This one really disappointed me. Have any of you experienced this?
I rarely get my hopes up too high but I'd have to say halo 3. Every gamer I knew at the time played Halo 2 well into the launch titles of xbox 360 (so basically I got years of entertainment out of that one) but from Halo 3 on the experience lasted a month before everyone put the game down for good. I don't know if I blame game fly's rental service, gamestops trade in mechanics, or what but nothing seems to last more than a month anymore and halo 3 was my first experience with that phenemon. Biggest let down ever.
Jun 2004
Fable for the original Xbox had so much hype about it along with positive reviews.

I only had the game for a week before I posted it for sale. It is one of the most boring games I have played and had terrible play control IMO.

Being a huge fan of the Tekken games, I was very excited to get Tekken 4. Although the story mode had some interesting points, the changes in play control were horrible. I got the game as a gift, played it, sold it, bought it again, and sold it a second time. I gave the game multiple chances, but it still sits as the low point in the franchise.

WarCraft III was a similar experience. I was huge on WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness and StarCraft: Brood Wars, but WarCraft III's Diablo-like emphasis on hero characters really took the fun out of playing it as an RTS for me. At least the game planted the seeds that later sprouted to become DOTA 2, so it wasn't a complete loss.
Jun 2004
That's not entirely true--I really liked the first Torchlight game!

I did like Diablo II when it was released up through the Lord of Destruction expansion pack and the 1.09 patch era. I think that I had gotten Warcraft III before that whole 1.10 mess. My disappointment with Warcraft III was more due to the supply limit taxes. Penalizing players for having more than a certain number of soldiers by handicapping income forced armies to be small. The only way to compensate was to focus on the hero characters.

I will admit that it does force a different type of strategy, but that strategy seemed to force me to throw away weaker characters, concentrate on heroes and tech. It greatly limited any mass attack strategies, which would have been very fitting for the undead race.

At least in DOTA 2, the hero characters are clearly the focus. Warcraft III just seemed to constantly bounce between focusing on the hero and the army like a confused pendulum.
warcraft 2 / starcraft was when I came to terms with the fact that I'm horrible at RTS games and should just play vs the computer or avoid entirely. I actually never made it to warcraft 3 so really i'm talking out of my A##.

I just remember playing d3 with blue and somehow he mentioned you'd never touch another diablo game after the 1.1 patch bent you over.
Jun 2004
Heh, it didn't help that when I moved, I knew I would have no internet for a few months, so BV had charge of my Diablo accounts. He just had to log in once a month to keep them from expiring.

They were all expired when I got a net connection four months later. I lost six level 80+ characters, two of which were over level 90. -_-
I've got about 20 games on my steam account that I'll most likely never finish because I lost a few save files migrating everything to a new hard drive. I know how you feel... but I guarantee in those 20 games I don't have nearly the hours invested as you did in those characters!
Jun 2004
That is one thing that I do like about Steam's Cloud integration. Having saved games backed-up online so that the save files download with the game installation makes losing save files a thing of the past.
May 2004
You know what, every Command and Conquer game since Generals has been a letdown. Why? Because something with the coding in their online servers constantly causes game mismatches which makes multiplayer virtually unplayable. I would go back and play Generals now if they fixed it. I know C&C 4 was the same way.
Jun 2004
I miss the original Command and Conquer.

I did eventually buy Diablo III on clearance sale pricing. I really have not played more than five hours on it. It doesn't hook me like Diablo, Diablo II, or Torchlight did.
d3 had me for a while. I haven't touched my battle net account in well over a year but maybe a week ago brought it back up and started diablo 3 again.

I don't know that'll i'll continue with it, but I did have a lot of fun early on.


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Jun 2004
I know that SpartanEvolved and Bluevoodu were playing d3 for a while, but had problems with their accounts getting hacked. I think they got validation keychains or something, then could never log into their account without doing a bunch of stuff on their phones. The whole thing seemed like such a messy pain to play a game.

I was also still a bit jaded about my Diablo II characters being deleted...

But, I do have d3 now... I have tried playing a bit, but have not really gotten hooked on it.
I bought a box of CAT 5e and all the tools and jacks and taught myself how to terminate network cable because of that game. I put two Ethernet ports in the living room, and bed rooms, and one in the kitchen because of Diablo 2. I think D2 inspired the first of many lan parties. For a brief time I even allowed myself to smoke in my house because I was playing diablo 2. The only game addiction that'd even come close to rivaling D2 for me was halo 2, and all I did for halo 2 was buy an xbox.
Jun 2004
Looking through my Steam list, I have so many games that I have not finished; Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, Tomb Raider, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow HD, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Assassin's Creed IV...

I cannot seem to find the time to actually play these.. or on the rare occasion that I have time, I always go with a different game...

All of those are worth a play through, right?

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