Wanna watch someone go through the Pokemon GB/C games? Of course you do!

Mar 2007
Pokemon Yellow:
Episode total: 112

Pokemon Silver:
Episode total: 132+(not all are numbered)

In the case of Silver, it's great to watch if your game is dead, like mine.
Jun 2008
I'm not going to lie. That sounds awfully boring. is there any good commentary to go along with the videos?
Jan 2007
I was watchin something like this yesterday and the guy wa playing Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. It was kinda cool to see that someone talks as much as I do while playing games XD
Jun 2008
I like watching speedruns, too, but games like that seem too boring to watch. LuizPrower and Cloud8745 of Youtube are funny when playing through games. Has anybody here heard of them?