What animes are you currently watching?

Jun 2004
I'd say Bleach but I'm waiting for the next episode to come out. :D

Samurai Champloo - I finally managed to get ahold of volumes 2-7 after only having volume 1 for several months. For my first viewing I've been watching it dubbed, since I love Kari Wahlgren (Fuu) and Kirk Thornton (Jin). I plan on watching it again subbed and see how it is that way.

El Cazador de la Bruja - The third series in Bee Train's "girls-with-guns" trilogy (the first being NOIR and the second Madlax). I'm only up to episode 4 right now so it's rough to get a feel for it, but NOIR and Madlax started out pretty slow as well and ended up being really awesome.
Mai Valentine said:
I have the first three discs of Last Exile that I need to watch. :lol
I first saw it back in the day on Anime Unleashed on G4: Tech TV (back when it was actually good). And I really wanted to watch the full series. It is really good. Most of the shows that used to be on G4 were good ie:: Gun Grave, Last Exile, LAIN (need to get this series again), RahXephon, and some mech anime that they had that I can't seem to remember... I really want to see that one again.... //.O

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