What animes are you currently watching?

I finished the soul eater anime. The manga, in particular chapter 38 is where the anime diverged and the manga nullified everything that happened in the anime, lol. My mind was blown when I read through chapter 38 and so on.

I hope they give it the same treatment the animators did for Full Metal Alchemist. Soul Eater is too good to not have a true anime.
Jun 2008
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Since the recent death of Satoshi Kon I've been thinking of re-watching his movies. I'm so glad I bought Millenium Actress a couple of months ago.


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Gonna bump this one back up.

I'm currently watching the remake of Hunter x Hunter. They've really done a fantastic job on it so far. It's a slightly older series that dates back to the 90s if I recall correctly, so seeing it remade with quality standards of today is really awesome. Even though I know the plot from the old series, it really feels like a brand new story.
Well this season Im watching, Bakuman season 2, Ben-to (fighting for those half priced bento, yus), Bleach, Fate/Zero, Guilty Crown, Hunter x Hunter (2011) (love Killua, so epic), Kimi to Boku, Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere, Gundam Age (favorite gundam series), Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Persona 4 The Animation, Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2, and Toriko.

Was watching C3 this season but that ended this weekend.
Strubes said:
I watched the first 6 episodes of Angel Beats. It's pretty awesome. Can't wait to watch some more.
My favorite anime ever (and evangelion). I love Angel Beats, otonashi, naoi, hinata, kanade, yui, oyami, takamatsu, noda, matshuhita the 5th, lol.
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For some strange reason I have become involved with the Dragon Ball Z Kai series the last bunch of months. They are being broadcast over a local TV station every Saturday morning. I have been burning them to a disc with my DVD recorder. I have never watched the series before.
Its all about One Piece for me.

I seem to go through cycles, I love anime for a solid year and watch all the good ones, ignore it for 2 years and repeat the cycle. I keep watching One Piece subs as they come out though. It is a masterpiece!