Sega CD What are the best Sega Cd games?


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May 2004
what games do you think are the best for the system.... and why.

I know that most people either hated or loved the system, and it didn't seem like there were many titles for it.... but out of the library... what do you think is the best?

Bv :hat
My collection consists of

Dungeon Explorer
Final Fight
Keio Flying Squadron
Shining Force
Heart of the Alien
Lords of the Thunder
Lunar Silver Star
Popful mail Falcom
Rise of the Dragon
Robo Aleste

I don't spot a stinker. I also don't recall any other game that is a must have:)

If I had to pick one it would be Snatcher. Kojima at his best.
Anything made by working designs for the sega cd was awesome. Lunar and Vay are two of the best rpgs i've played on any system.... I mean it's got diamond crapping dragons! Like some of the other guys were saying Snatcher is great as well. It kinda goes down hill from there unless you like "FMV" games. The pack in game Sewer Shark was my entire reason for buying a sega cd when it came out. I had a lot of fun with it. Night Trap was fairly good but it's another FMV type game and honestly I just bought it because Dana Plato was in it and parents made a big deal about the game because at one point a struggle sceene looked like a rape. The Sherlock Holmes game was also fun but by this point you may start to get tired of FMV games. Other than that and what the others have mentioned you've pretty much ran out of good games.... but hey, there's always the 32x add-on but even then you'll find maybe another half dozen games that have stood the test of time. But the genesis, cd, 32x all together form the coolest looking gaming system of all time! Too bad the game library isn't a bit more expansive!
found it for the $3 or the $105 price? It stays pretty high (complete anyway) the Sega Saturn Jap. version goes a whoooole lot cheaper. Right now I'm watching one that's up to $93, with tons of time left. The ebay stores have some 130-175. That's nuts, the game is fantastic, but man, we're getting into neo geo AES money!

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