Sega CD What are the best Sega Cd games?

Yea, I've finally found my way back to the boards. I love this place, and did come browse every once in a while, I'm just not a frequent poster. I like the retro stuff and do love some neo geo so I don't think I'll ever leave, I just get multi-year long writer's block!
so five years later snatcher is 300 - 500 and everything else cd has also skyrocketed.... I was going over some top 20 - 25 lists because I feel like I really didn't give the cd much of a chance and holy crap anything considerable is at least 100 now. There's a few that's in the 40 range (dark wizard, spider man vs. kingpin, dragons lair, that fmv ninja one...) but what I was more interested in was robo aleste, popfulmail, lunar, vay, snatcher...

I've twice now had a pretty sizeable collection just to sell it off when I needed a decent amount of money and am kicking myself. Somehow a cdx and a disc only copy of the Terminator is all that survived and some old posts from snatcher and retro have sparked my interest in sega again. I'm ok building a base library with playable stuff like ecco, sonic, nba jam, eternal champions, sewer shark, but I've got to have some of the rpgs; Lunar and Vay were the two games that opened me up to the genre.
My Sega CD died some years ago. Instead of trying to find a workable unit I just sold the games. I do remember that robo aleste and popfulmail was among my collection at the time. I just wasn't too keen on investing in another CD unit that would be over 20 years old. Game carts are more durable in my mind. No proof, it just seems reasonable. I remember liking the Sega CD whenever I had it up and running.

I hang on to my carts. The CD units will be cast aside when they die.
as collectable and popular as some of the cd based systems are I'm sure there will be clones at some point in time. I mean right now 8 and 16 bit stuff has great clone systems (and a bunch of crap ones too) It seems logical that the sega cd, turbo cd, era is poised to hit cloning any time.
Being that the clone systems are very cheaply built, I would be very Leary of a, lets say, Sega CD clone. Not saying that it can't be done and it works, just sayin that right now I am a sceptic. I would think that we would see a Sega CD first. Not sure about a Turbo CD. Turbografx does not seem to be popular among the clone makers, and that is sad. I would be right there on top of it.
The more I think about it the more I think the reason clones aren't out for the sega cd, turbo grafx, etc. is the availability of games. It's pretty easy to find nes, snes, genny, games but sales were so low to start with originally I doubt there'll be a clone for say a sega cd. Outside of ebay laying eyes on games from sega cd, Saturn, turbo-anything, neo-anything... they'd just be pandering to a niche market of a niche market.
Cartridges are more durable and might account for their availability over CDs. Really, the CDs must be kept in a case to avoid the death of the game. Which brings to mind all those times I refused to purchase a CD game at Gamestop due to the CD looking like someone used it as a skateboard across a gravelled driveway. I would always question the worker concerning their standards.

That's the number of mass produced sega cd games.

Over 750 different NES games were released in the US, Genny has over 700, SNES had 721 (remember the $25k ebay auction in 2012 listing all 721 North America SNES games with 85% being complete?)

Why clone when there wont be anything to play on it?

And back to a previous statement about cheap clone systems.

There's one that I saw in a copy of Game Informer that's pretty much a new Nintendo Entertainment System, touting same nes guts just modernized (more resistant to corrosion) and play both nes and famicon. Its the analogue NT and its in the 500 range.

for another 79 you can add a hdmi adapter...

You should google it just to check it out, 600 is rough though
Yeah Sega CD and Saturn seems to have really gone up in price. I'm kind of kicking myself for selling my copies of Final Fight Revenge and Castlevania Symphony of the Night for Saturn. Luckily I still have my copy of Snatcher. That game along with Shenmue 1 and 2, Infinite Space, and Metal Wolf Chaos are the games I could not bring myself to sell. Even my copy of Time Gal I got for 10 bucks scored me like 50 a few months ago.

At this point though if you guys wanted to play them I'm sure you know of other means. The first time I played Snatcher was actually on my PSP and Sega CD doesn't exactly have the most secure console. But as you guys mentioned what with these disc based consoles they're more prone to failure and won't last forever along with the fragility of discs. I'm looking to get a GDEMU for my Dreamcast and the Saturn equivalent as soon as I can.
I have not missed having my Sega CD. I enjoyed it at the time, but liked the Turbo Duo a lot better. I felt Turbo Duo had better games. Saturn was when Sega started realizing what to do with a CD system. I enjoyed that period of gaming. Still pull it out to have a go at Guardian Heroes, Nights, Panzer Dragon, etc. I could just kick myself for passing up Panzer Dragon Saga. I have the image burned into my brain the day I saw it on the store shelf for $29. I know there was a big push for 3D gaming back then, and glad we got over that, but I want 2D. Saturn satisfied that need.
of all the crap that hit virtual console, got released on later systems, why didn't this gem ever get the final fantasy sort of treatment? The game can stand on its legacy alone... nevermind the fact that it's really fun.
There's actually a mod out there to enable a Saturn to play backups but I can't remember the name. Pretty much it adds some software to an Action Replay 4-in-1 cart for Saturn and presto. There's also an SD-Card reader/disc drive replacement which, well, replaces the disc drive of your Saturn with an SD Card reader. I think they're called Phoebe and Rhea boards but I know the guy makes them for Dreamcasts as well called GDEMU. Anywho those seem pretty appealing especially since they can be gotten for less than a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga and since Sega isn't going to get any of that money I think they're worth picking up. Especially with disc rot and CD-Drive failure happening eventually. :p
I've seen those before but ordering is almost impossible if you don't watch his site daily. At one point I had three of four saturns with bad drives that I was looking for something to do with them and stumbled across this and was never able to order. I've long since parted off the saturns but I remember these being impossible to get.

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