Sega Saturn What are your favorite saturn RPGs?

Jul 2005
the shining force series. heard there are 3 shining force game for saturn but only 1 is released for the US, the other 2 is in japanese version.

Albert Oddessy another great rpg. Dragonforce, one of the best srpg of all time. Shining the holy ark, the dugeons are quie frustratring, and shining widsom and last but not least panzer the dragoon, thats all the rpgs i had played on the saturn.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Albert's Odyessy, yet sadly I never got to try out the other great ones. I played 3 minutes of Dragon Force and I had no clue what was going on :lol (It was my friend's copy, so I just asked him if I could see what it was like...) Yet I did manage to see what "Shining the Holy Ark" was like. Pretty decent I thought.