What Books are you reading?

Homicidal Cherry53 said:
Read a bunch over the summer and finished The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro about a month ago, but I've been short on free time lately. I'm trying to read As I Lay Dying by Faulkner, but I've gotten through 40 pages in a month. :lol
I always imagine u reading huge books on philosophy and the structure of society for some reason :D
Homicidal Cherry53 said:
I'll take it as a compliment. :D I'm all about novels lately though. Speaking of which, reading Lolita.
Well, it was compliment. You always seem so well informed and knowledgeable about everything u speak about.

I just got the first book from The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan again. I read a bunch of those books like 14 er 15 yars ago er so, but then I stopped and forgot what I read, so I guess I can start from scratch. Also, been reading old copies of Nintendo Power and looking at these nifty timelife type ufo and strange phenomenon books my husband got. Covers stuff like atlantis and things. Pretty cool.
Still reading the first book in the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan, and husband just finished reading the comicy version of the lightning thief and now he started on the Briar Rose comic thing that shows what happened before "Bone" and he just finished reading the illustrated book on how the silver surfer died. I read that too.

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