What did you have for dinner last night?

Expect to find me posting in this topic very regulary... well, after dinner that is. :) I LOVE FOOD!!!!!

Last night, I had some Flat Head, garnished with lemon juice, and crunchy French Fries with the vinegar brewed and concocted by my father, using the left over vinegar from pickled stuff he has. (makes for a very good vinegar, because it takes on the taste of what's piickled in it).

Tonight, an old classic. I'll put it up tomorrow, since I havn't eaten it just yet.
Hm. I lost this thread, but now I'll post what I had since that day.

Aug 7th - Fresh sausages from the buthers (so better than packaged stuff), slow cooked under a grill with BBQ sauce. And chips onlong side, cooked on the same type of baking thingy that they use in pizza shops, (ones with holes in th obttom to air the dough), so they're extar crunchy.

Aug 8th - Some mixed vegies with moashed potato (garnished with some mixed herbs) and Rissoles topped with BBQ sweeet chilly cause.

Aug 9th - Some sort of mix between Sweet and Sour rice and chicken, and curry, with rice and vegies. Very delectable.

Aug 10th - A tin of Baked beans.......... (It's Firday. We gotta gos hopping, and there's not really time to prep a meal!)

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