What did you have for dinner last night?

cheery pie that my daughter and son made with a bit of my help and an egg salad sandwich...and then I played n64 games :) Been playing extreme g, beetle adventure racing, aero guage, and some mario kart 64 too thanks to x2 for sending it to me :D
Hell Scyth said:
Home made hamburgers with cheese, relish, onion and spicy sauce
Mmmm yummy! I could sure go for a big juicy burger. That sounds delicious! What do u put in ur burgers? Like bbq sauce? er seasonings? er steak sauce er eggs er bread?

I had perogies last night with sour cream
ThravRande said:
It usually depends on when I wake up. Most days I sleep through breakfast/ :p
Well, what meal do u usually eat then? Klunch er supper? If I had toonly eat onwe meal it would be supper I think, tho I can't do that. I have to eat a lil something every 2-3 hours er I start feeling lightheaded and weak and neauseous and my head hurts.

When I was super poor I just bought tons of Ramen cuz it was 10 cents a piece back then and I would just eat ramen for all my meals. lol. Not very well balanced I guess. One time i had my backpack on and had rode my bicycle to rhe store cuz I had no car at the time and I had one dollar and i was trying to decide which flavors to get cuz there was like 3 er 4 flavors er more, and this boss looking guy came up scowling and said "Can I help u?" In a very gruff unfriendly tone, and I tried to explain what i was deciding but I don't think he believed me at all. i figure he thought I was gonmna steal stuff cuz I had on a backpack and was just looking for so long. lol

I prolly coulda got a lot more food if I had stolen it lol, but I didn't steal stuff cuz my dad was a pastor and I was raised all religious, and the times I found a gumball in a gumball machine without putting in a quarter made me feel so guilty that when I grew up I sent the stores each a check for a buck that I had ever found candy at in the gumball machines. I don't feel quite that guilty anymore tho. If I found a gumball in a machine I think i could chew it without feeling too terrible. lol
ThravRande said:
Yeah, ramen and tap water for me. Hopefully I'll get a job soon and that'll change, though.
Do u have a microwave er how do u cook it then? Do u use a libraries internet?

You know don't know if u even like it er not but usually a big bag of potatoes is really cheap and u can microwave em to have a baked potato for variety. When I was a kid my folks were super poor and they would make bake potatoes a ton all winter.
ThravRande said:
Yeah, microwave. I also have a toaster oven :D Baked potatoes ftw.
And nah, my grandfather has internet, and I have net on my phone too.
I used to have a toaster oven to cook in too! :) I would make mini pizzas in it sometimes. Also works for making toast lol
ThravRande said:
Yeah, I was eating pizzas at first, trying to conserve money now, though.
It really sucks when everyone else seems to be able to afford variety in food and super yummy food that you crave and u r stuck eating ramen always :/

A box of spagetti noodles is usually not expensive and lasts awhile and there r usually cheap dollar brands of spaggetti sauce. If u have a fridge to keep the stuff in after u make it. I am pretty sure u can make the noodles in ur microwave. I guess pasta gets old pretty quik tho when u eat it always too.

Do u have "Aldi"s where u live? That grocery store is so cheap, and their brand of food still tastes good.

Unfortunately there are no aldis in canada
Jan 2010
Northern AL
Yeah... I miss fast food so much.
But no, I don't think we have one here. And I have no transportation but my bike, and I live right next to WalMart, so I usually just shop there.
ThravRande said:
Yeah... I miss fast food so much.
But no, I don't think we have one here. And I have no transportation but my bike, and I live right next to WalMart, so I usually just shop there.
Well, Walmart is usually fairly decent on food prices. I used to work at a walmart. I was a door greeter :) and then they had me learn self check and stuff.

You need to make friends with some rich people who like to go out for fast food a lot I guess.

I remember one winter a neighbor gave my folks leftover apple cinnnamon oatmeal packets from some camp, cuz they knew my folks were poor. At first i was so happy to have some non potato food and ate it a ton, but after awhile it started to get old eating that all the time too.

Oh, and fast food made me think of...one time a neighbor boy came over to play with me and my dad had gone to town and for a special treat he brought us each one hamburger back cuz they were on sale er something, so we were all excited, but the neighbor boy was still there so my sister and I each gave half our hamburger to the neighbor and so he has a whole and we each only got a half. We were happy to have a friend and stuff, but I don't think he realized how special the burger was to us er how rarely we got stuff like that. He was prolly thinking "plain old burgers?" lol

I guess i will tell what I had for supper last night since that is what the thread is, tho I feel bad telling it when I know u are in a tight spot right now and cannot have this kinda stuff, and I feel like i am showing off what fancy stuff I can afford er something. Makes me feel guiltyish :s Does it bother u reading this thread?

Last night for supper, I had hamburgers for supper that I made from scratch. I put ketchup, bbq sauce, steak seasoning, garlic powder, broken up bread pieces, egg, and dehydrated onion in them. I cooked them on my lil george foreman grill. :) I thought they were super yummy. My husband ate two so I hope he liked em.

And I had brownies for dessert that I made yesterday too.

We couldn't really afford to do our once a week steak night when the kids were here this summer, but they r back in school and staying with their dad now, so I picked up some steaks at walmart that I plan to have for supper tonight, tho my husband will make those because he is good at seasoning them right. I am excited!!! *drools*