Sega Dreamcast What do you all think of the Sega Sammy Merger?


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May 2004
or was it a buy out?

What do you think about it? Does anyone have more information on it?

How do you feel.... as it seems like Sega is gone IMO.

please post up.

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I was not very fond of Sega's recent releases except perhaps Skies of Arcadia Legends. Unfortunately, Sega just kept making bad choice after bad choice. They started off by focusing on Xbox, which is absolutely hated in the Japanese market. From there, it was just a downhill spiral. AND, I mean no offense to those who love the 3d Sonic games, but I think they were horrid.

Beyond that, I tryed for years to get Sakura Wars over here and to no avail. I honestly won't miss them.
Jun 2004
As far as I'm concerned, Sega has shot themselves in the foot time and time again.

The thing that made me the angriest was Sega cancelling Shenmue II for the DC in North America. The English subtitles were already done fer chrissakes. I guess they figured people over here are too lazy to read and didn't want to make the effort to get the voice acting done. It was a real disservice to people who supported Sega and the DC.

The second thing was their "MASSIVE" announcement. People had all sorts of wild theories about the "new" Dreamcast and such - but their pun made them them the laughing stock of E3. Hopefully Sammy will give them a kick in the bum to get motivated again and start producing some decent games.

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Jun 2004
Oh, I don't really like the 3D Sonics. But the ones for Game Boy Advance are pretty decent. It would be a bit of a bummer if Sammy made Sega stop making those.