What do you think of the Xbox One so far?

Mai Valentine

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Jun 2004
I know the opinion on the internet is generally negative, but what do you all here think?

Personally, I hope to see a better variety of games than just sports and Call of Duty. :p But seriously, I am slightly interested but it's really going to depend on the games. Most of the franchises I loved on the 360 got worse over time so I hope they can bring some new IPs in.

At any rate, if I get it at all, it won't be at launch.


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Oct 2004
Los Angeles, CA
After a week of some digestion of all the news, I still don't think much of it. I'll make my decision when I hear more about the online requirements. That for me is the deal breaker. I don't want a console that has games with an artificial shelf life.

I don't always buy games when they are released and sometimes that means buying used because they're no longer in print. I'm also going to start subscribing to gamefly and I'm sure if the rumors are true then that goes away too. At least, for the newest generation.

I've come into a point in my life that even great exclusives will not be a strong enough reason to get a console. I can live without playing certain games and I prefer to not be as tied down as possible. I'm even moving away from Steam on the PC side and started buying my games off of Good Old Games and Humble Store since those games do not have DRM and usually are cross platform for one price (Windows, OS X & Linux.) This goes for the PS4 as well and I'm waiting patiently to see what their policies are too.
Feb 2005
Not really impressed with it at all so far. This might be trivial to some people, but even the way it looks turns me off. I honestly have more than enough games to last me multiple lifetimes with what I have right now.
Feb 2005
If that stuff is actually true, and not an exaggeration, then I will NOT be getting one. (not that I really planned on it anyway, this just confirms it)


Jun 2004
I knew consoles were heading in this direction, but I didn't think it would be THAT bad. The gaming industry has seriously become out of touch with what gaming should be about...
Feb 2013
Yeaaaaaah...I may actually get a PS4 instead. The drm is making me mad. Loved that video though, seems like the Xbox isn't really about gamers anymore.
Jul 2004
For me one of the coolest parts of gaming is collecting. I like flea markets, yardsales, used game stores, if MS's direction is to cut this out I'll not own one.


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Jun 2004
Eh, I don't even have a 360. I really do like the Halo franchise, but Destiny is going to have a PS3 version anyhow.

I do not see much functionality in the Xbox One beyond what the PS3 already offers. I mean, really, I can stream video on my PS3 or PC, I do not need another console to do that.