what free MMO's are you currently playing?

The GPotato games are good for freebies. I've played Flyff and Space Cowboy Online and they have a couple of others. Flyff is much better than Runescape and is totally free forever and SCO is an action/shooter that's about more than just leveling up. The only problem with Flyff is the economy is way out of balance right now but it's still fun for a free game.
Jun 2004
New York
I used to play Tibia nad Runescape, but both are horribly unbalanced. Tibia with unbalanced voacations (A level 8 wizard has an easier time then a level 20 knight), and Runescape with unbalanced levelling (Death at level 8 to a level 2 goblin).

The only MMO I have fond memories is Everquest. People were actually NICE to me. If you go out an say you're a newbie in Tibia, you better hope you're not in a PK server. I go and say I'm a newbie in Everquest, And one guy pretty much gives an advanced sarter kit of armor and weapons (which I was mostly too low a level to use), and another guy just gave me money, because he felt like it. Only thing I had a problem with Everquest was when one guy started ****** because I was killing goblins in the same area. MMO players like to take temporary ownership of places it seems.

Tibia brings bottom of the gutter though. Even on the newbie island, people can be complete ****. I was trying to train with distance weaponry with spears. Using a spear causes the spear to end up underneath the monster you threw it at. Well, some guy has the bright idea of taking said spear, and then tries to sell it back to me for double its price.
May 2007
oh thanks guys..can you add up some more??
uhmm..one thing..ive heard of this 9Dragons..have you tried this one guys? is it good? and/or is it free?
Jan 2006
bv and I have been playing diablo 2, you have to buy the game but there is not monthly fee
May 2007
Aprilsrain said:
Guild Wars is your best bet. You have to buy the game, but no fee.
i think guild war isnt free at all..coz you have to buy the cd's for their expansion..what i mean of free is that..you shouldnt pay any single cent..youll just have to download the game..and whalla..play all you can..is there any good free mmo's?
Sep 2006
Anarchy online or was it online anarchy, is a good mmo, though it may take a while to download, but its style is quite similar to guild wars, It was quite good but it takes a bit of time trying to get to grips with it