What game are you currently playing?

I have still been playing ddo almost every evening. Currently my husband and I have been running quests to get ingredients to do some green steel crafting. This summer I played tosh is wooly world tho. I liked it. For Christmas I am getting a ps4 so I am excited about that. Gonna get the new rock and game too
I finally installed the ps4 I "bought the kids" for Christmas in the living room and started playing the Batman game that came with it and Guitar Hero. The games are exactly what I expected but the system itself is amazing. I can't believe how awesome it looks.
I forgot about the SNK Playmore Humble Bundle I bought so I started playing every good neo game ever. Still working on Zelda Triforce Heroes, Batman, Guitar Hero, Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition (playing through with a friend for the second time) also spent some money on some virtual titles like Zelda oracle of seasons and ages, (started one can't remember which), Metroid and Kid Icarus. I can't finish one for wanting to play another.
Pulled out my Nintendo 64 today. Played first stages and beat them on, Ridge Racer 64, Cruis'n USA, Puyo Puyo Sun, Rukuga Kids, Bangia-O, Super Robot Spirits, and Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku.

Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku plays like one of those battle card games with dice. I won the first level or stage. I so wish I had some English translation. This is not an English friendly game. Wish they had released this in the states. It is a very fun game to play. Just difficult to know what is going on. I simply stumble my way through it.
I found 4 gbc and 2 gba sp's at a good will and 15 or so games. I've been playing super Mario bros and Zelda on the SP as well as frogger and a bomber man game for the game boy color. Zelda I couldn't stop playing, I beat the first quest off of memory (although I could never find the ruby ring in level 9, and the second quest I've just got to the second dungeon. I completely forgot that the second quest is almost impossible if you don't farm rupees and get the blue ring and power bracelet asap (so you get the papers to show the old lady to purchase medicine) as well the the candle. Starting even the first dungeon with 3 hearts is really difficult and without the blue ring and / or medicine it's brutal.
I was a bit disappointed, the games were 95% Disney / Pixar and one of the SP's has a blown out light.

I messed up, it wasn't 4 Game Boy Colors two were Game Boy Advance. None had the back panel but one of the game boy colors was a Tommy Hilfiger one that's kinda rare.

The games were crap except for bomber man, frogger, Zelda and Mario, the rest was Finding Nemo Sharktail Spirit kinda games.There was about 15 all together though, so it was a nice add.
Seems like I have been getting into the fighting games this past two weeks. I've even purchased a few games I didn't have. Playing Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mace: The Dark Age, Dark Rift, and visiting Rampage 2 between bouts. I really didn't realize just how many fighting games that the N64 had until I sorted through my collection and separated the lot. I believe that most of these games were very under rated during their release many years ago. I have Deadly Arts on the way. Can't wait to see how that game will appeal to me. I have long learned that old game magazines and net reviews can be very off from reality. Dark Age and Dark Rift are very good weapons based fighters IMO. Far from the treatment they got in the magazines back in the day. I have wondered if I am a weird gamer. :huh: What the "expert" reviewers kick aside, I enjoy.

This is the first time I have ever played a Mortal Kombat game.
I wouldn't say you were a weird gamer, I'd say you're preferences aren't in the least swayed by the crowd. In other words it seems like your exposure to different games and different genres has been on your terms with little to no influence from commercial media or popular trends.

With that being said you're also not one of those that plays only obscure or indie titles and is snobbish about it, especially concerning big name ips. I hate those guys.

so in a sense I guess that's pretty weird. Most people are pretty fanatical either about a certain system, brand of systems, platform, or the source or pedigree of the game itself and you're not. We're a definite minority so I guess you can call it weird.
I have decided to spend one week on each Nintendo 64 fighter, that I own. This past week I have spent my time with Mace: The Dark Age. This is one awesome game. Nice weapon based fighter with exceptional graphics for the time period, especially on the N64. I think a novice or skilled gamer would find a lot to love in this game. The atmosphere has sort of a "Soul Blade feel" comes to mind.
I started playing the latest Tomb Raider reboot from a couple of years ago. Very good game, even if quite linear. The amount of collectibles are not absurd and have just the right amount of challenge to get them. The action is similar to CoD single player experiences, which works well for this game since it has much more story to it than most FPSs. So the pace keeps moving and doesn't get stale.

It's a balanced game when all said and done, skewed a bit by it's linearity. So far in my top 20 games of all time. I'm even considering paying more than $10 for the sequel. But first must finish this game. Almost there.
That was actually the first Tomb Raider I'd played. The reboot was a fresh take on Tomb Raider, She's more of an unrealized bad a## that finds out what she's capable of out of necessity as opposed to the Tomb Raider movies. I liked it, but you're right, it's incredibly linear, and if it wasn't for the story and cinematics the action wouldn't be enough to keep my attention.
targetrasp said:
She's more of an unrealized bad a## that finds out what she's capable of out of necessity as opposed to the Tomb Raider movies.
I agree, although there were moments that were a bit unrealistic and kind of took me out of the game. She survived through certain situations where no normal human being would survive, or survive but still be able to walk. That would be my only other gripe about the game.

Otherwise, I do like what they've done with Lara.

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