What game are you currently playing?

It seems like my video gaming has steadily declined. I keep buying stuff I want to play but never playing it. In the last year or so I've probably bought 200 games that I've not touched. That's a conservative number that doesn't include steam and humble bundle.

With that said I've got two young kids that love games that I play with quite a bit. The nine year old has gone nuts over Minecraft (which I hate) so that's just left me and the 6 year old. Mario games are fun to play with him and we've beat every Mario Platformer released on the wii U but lately he's gotten into Yokai Watch. The Easter Bunny decided it'd be cool to make an easter basket out of all the Yokai Watch toys and include the video game. Parker loves the toys so the game is his new favorite.

The game is bland. It's beyond vanilla, I'd call it Pistachio or Butter Pecan. It's still icecream so you can spoon it down but just barely. Netflix just released season 1 so it's also been on television. The cartoon is so much better than the game. But I've been playing the Yokai Watch games for the 3ds with my son. I can't recommend the game but the kid's reaction to the Yokai universe is worth it.

On a completely unrelated note, Retro - did you finish Blue Dragon? I know I recommended the game early last year and you were working on it in Aug, I just wonder if you've finished it. Its a long game, pretty hard to commit the time to and really hard to come back to after a few months off.
I'll be able to get into Halo 5 in about a month when I graduate. Until then, I'll still be playing Candy Crush and Vegas Slots (to get free stuff here in Vegas). I hope to get back into Starcraft 2 then also.
A renewed eBay fascination landed me a game boy advance e-reader - been trying to get past the fifth loop on Donkey Kong Jr. - also trying to find more e-reader cards but it looks like only a handful were made.
I dug out Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PSP and have spent a good ten hours playing it since last week. It's a blast but it goes from super easy to kick your butt back to child's play from mission to mission to mission. I think maybe the online or coop was ment to supplement the experience and class progressions so certain missions wouldn't wreck your face but like so many other games over a year old no one plays it online / servers have been long since removed. Looks like I'll have to grind a bit to even out the difficulty.
That is the bad about online play. I wished that somehow they could come up with a universal something kind of tech that would solve that issue. There have been those days that I wanted to pull out the Dreamcast and Phantasy Star Online, or StarLancer. But we're talking about dial-up. Don't want to go back to that.
When the DC came out I'd just moved into a dorm and got my first taste of broadband so the broadband adapter was an immediate purchase. The 2k sports games were in their prime, PSO was awesome, and Tony Hawk blew my mind.

A few private individuals have taken up the mantle of extending the online life of dead titles. http://www.schtserv.com/ is one for Phantasy Star Online for every platform. As of 10:30 est this morning there were about 40 people playing...

I think the tragic end of Sega as we knew it and the implications brought about by the failure of the DC ignited a cult following few of the fringe systems have which has led many of these followers to create a way for us aging video gamers to enjoy titles the majority has cast off.
retro junkie said:
That is the bad about online play. I wished that somehow they could come up with a universal something kind of tech that would solve that issue. There have been those days that I wanted to pull out the Dreamcast and Phantasy Star Online, or StarLancer. But we're talking about dial-up. Don't want to go back to that.
One of the issues is not having the source code, so you can't just have a universal solution. Most titles that have this out of the box also provide the source code or at least the proper software to keep it running and most of these titles are for the PC. Another reason the PC is awesome.

I just finished The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It's short but a decent story. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to play a cool thriller but not looking for lots action.
Been playing Mario 3DS, Super Smash 3DS, Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS, and Monster Hunter 4 3DS. Also....I discovered a place where you can download Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (which includes PSO 1, 2, and 4) and play on their servers. Fantastic...brings back so many GameCube memories. :)

Want to get back into StarCraft and Halo 5 soon.
I just finished Shadowrun for the Sega Genesis. I'd forgotten how much leveling is involved. You start out really squishy and have to continually do shadowruns to make money and karma. You can tell the money and karma gained from runs is purposely small because the story is short. The game took a lot of time but the majority of it was leveling. The game isn't linear but certain plot triggers have to happen to open up access to other events but the majority of the map is open almost immediately. The story does a really good job of answering the "where do I go next" question. Since I found this game in the mid 90's its been a favorite and it still doesn't disappoint.

I just started playing Flying Warriors. I have fond memories of this game but I remember being a lot better. NES platforming is brutal now that I'm so out of practice.
I'm playing Last Legion UX. This is a N64 game that I imported from Japan. If you can remember Sega's Virtual On at the arcades and the Saturn then you can get an idea of how this game plays. You get more control over the customization of you bot. I can easily see that two player is where this game would excel. It is totally awesome for a N64 game. I shelled out $52 and I am happy I got it for that.
Maybe I should follow your example... I've been buying 5 and 10 dollar games and playing them once and walking away. I was so excited about Flying Warriors but have only played it once... Since then I've started Dick Tracey and Who Framed Rogers Rabbit.
Never stop buying the 5 and 10 dollar games. I pick those items up when I can. There are those certain games that are just very rare, like Last Legion UX. It came out at the end of the N64 lifespan, the main reason it never came to the US. Result, limited copies available. Bangai-O N64 was the same with only 10,000 total released. I shelled out 80 dollars for that one, I have not seen it less than a $100 since. I see the 5 and 10 dollar games, assuming NES, are an easy pick up and play, 10mins to an hour, still satisfying. Quick fix gaming. I have some games I played it for a weekend only to not pick it up for a long while, and then suddenly go back to it. That is retro gaming.
I was feeling nostalgic a few months ago and started looking for ways to play Phantasy Star Online for GameCube again. I dumped probably a couple hundred hours into that back in the day. I looked into complicated GC network setups but then I'd have to buy another GC Broadband Adapter. Then, I found on Reddit that there were private PSO: Blue Burst servers (Blue Burst contains PSO episodes 1, 2, and 4). They offer the game for free, so I've been putting a ton of time into it lately. More hundreds of hours. :) It's a great bit of fun and it's cool seeing other players just as nostalgic.

It's funny...ever since I stopped playing PSO on the GC, I'd been looking for a replacement RPG. I don't like turn-based RPGs. I had no idea that all this time, I could have been playing PSO instead of looking for a PSO replacement. :)
PSO really didn't age well for me. It was by far my favorite use of the dreamcast and really about the only thing that got much dc play was skies of arcadia and grandia but I went and bought everything I could that was phantasy star from genesis to current and none of it was as awesome as I remembered.

I think mass effect killed pso for me. If mass effect could capitalize on the online element pso had going for it I'd be back on board.
Ooh, I do love me some Mass Effect. I beat the first two in the month leading up to ME3 (loving the fact that you could import character data from game to game)...then I got ME3 and they had that weird issue where your previous characters wouldn't upload correctly. It pissed me off so much that I played ME3 for about an hour and never touched it again.

I think PSO aged pretty well. Lots of new quests and whatnot to keep things interesting. Still does get somewhat repetitive, though.
I took some time off work for the holiday's and attempted to introduce the kids to super Mario all-stars. They quickly lost interest in the Nintendo flavors but my 9 year old had some fun with Super Mario World. I play at least half an hour on every game and wasn't nearly the Super Mario gamer I once was, I struggled to remember a lot of the hidden stuff. I need to find the controller so I don't have to play these things with the wii mote.

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