what is currently in your ps3?

was playing quiz tv lately in there, turns out only thing i am smart about is food, cartoons and tv/movies. I suck at history, geography, sciener and anything important lol -me

most recently had astro boy and lord of the rings in there to watch


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ThravRande said:
And I need to get a PS3 copy.
If only there were some way I could win it in a contest.... :p
:lol well... no one liked the last contest. So I Think we'll wait on other contests :lol

MW3 is still in my PS3... I will soon be playing Apache Air Assault

BV :hat
Downloaded a ton of new Rockband songs lately and then Saturday night played Rockband 3 with my husband and his dad for a couple hours. His dad on bass, and me singing, and my husband on guitar for awhile and then on drums for awhile (he loves both, but I think he prefers drums...he is great at either) Even discovered a music group I really like through rockband "Free Spirit" ...they have an awesome song called Easy Days. And earlier last week I made a second character for me and my husband to play with dressed in more casual clothes (like I put my husband in a hoodie), cuz our normal characters are dressed in leather and boots and black armbands er fingerless gloves etc...so I made a casual type look too so we can do variety lol. So far neither of us feels like using our casual characters tho haha
Jul 2009
Virtua Fighter 5. Managed to find a limited edition of Tekken 6 with the artbook, game, and Arcade stick for 40 bucks. Been using the stick with VF and man it is so much better than pads :lol