what is your number one favorite anime ever?

Feb 2011
when i say favorite ever i mean past or present! it doesn't have to be only shown in America either! it could be an anime that is shown in Japan and not in America!!! so what is it?
Jun 2012
My Number 1 Favorite Anime Ever is no other than....


I love this anime because it is a combination of action, romance and mystery...

Overview: Blood+ is the story of Chiropterans (the name of the order of biological classification that bats are in, this is the most likely reason for the vampiric creatures being called "Chiropterans" ) and Chevaliers (a vampire like creature) on how they inhabit the earth and their motives of living.

Also the things that makes me love this anime is that I love vampires story...^_^
Sep 2012
FLCL is number 1 for sure!

Some runners up:
Ghost in the Shell
Cowboy Bebop
Darker Than Black

and strangely enough Kiru Mi Beibe XD
Jul 2004
Theres a ton I love but Naruto is number 1 for me.

I really didn't get interested in anime until I found Naruto. Enjoying it opened me back up to older stuff I'd seen be really didn't get into at the time. I rewatched movies like Akkira and Ghost in the Shell and started the dragon ball series 15 or so years after it was popular in the US.

Anime is good stuff lots of stuff to choose from and something for pretty much everyone
Nov 2012
Well...there's more than one category listing for me...

My favorite action/adventure Anime's are from favorite to least favorite:
1. Dragon Ball saga (The first two...not really the third one, Dragon Ball GT.)
2. Digimon seasons 1-2
3. Tenchi Universe
4. Tenchi GXP
5. Naruto Shippuden
6. Naruto
7. Escaflowne

My favorite Mech. Anime's from favorite to least:
1. Robotech
2. Transformers Victory
3. Transformers Headmasters
4. Voltron
5. Getter Robo (90's cartoon)
6. Transformers Armada

My favorite Horror Anime's from favorite to least fave.:
1. When they Cry
2. Hellsing (The first series)
3. D Grey Man

My favorite Anime movies from fave. to least fave. is:
1. Akira
2. Metropolis
3. Escaflowne
4. Naruto movie 1
5. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Child
6. Vampire Hunter D
7. Tenchi's Movie #1: Tenchi in Love
8. Beast Wars II Movie
Jul 2004
I've never heard of either galaxy express or iria. Galaxy Express looks awesome I think I'll check it out. I'm curious though, have you watched any of it recently? Sometimes a lot of these don't age well.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I guess I basically like the stories and animation of these. They were a short series, maybe about 6 episodes. There is a basic compilation into a movie of both series. But I like the full series. You can watch these over youtube, which I just found out this week. Ageing part, I still like watching them. Robot Carnival, which is a movie, is another favorite. There are those that I watched years ago, I'm talking like 18 years, on the syfy channel, back when I had cable, such a long time ago and technology was so different, that have aged like you are referring to. There is one Roujin Z which I still like from that time period. I think the weird oddity of Robot Carnival and Roujin Z is what still makes those two enjoyable for me to watch.

There is so much good anime now as it has gotten better over the years.
Jul 2004
I was able to watch the first episode of galaxy express 999 on crunchyroll and it was pretty awesome. Its got that Voltron art style which is very dated but I feel holds up really well. I'll have to finish up the series and try out some of those others you'd recommended.