What mangas are you currently reading?

Jun 2004
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I'm reading the Bleach manga. I picked up volumes 1,2, 18, and 19. Yeah, I skipped a bunch, but 18 and 19 are awesome volumes. ^_^ I'll get all of them eventually.

I am also in the middle of reading Strawberry Panic. Volume 2 recently came out and I read that. Now I am waiting for volume 3.
Jun 2004
Well, Bleach, definitely.

The R.O.D. manga is also good.

Magic Knights Rayearth, but that would probably be hard to find these days.

There's a Tomb Raider manga that's pretty cool.

TBH I don't read that much manga, so I don't have many recommendations, but I'm sure others do. ^_^
Jun 2004
I like the Strawberry Panic manga, but since it's shoujo-ai I don't know if it would be up Strubes' alley so I didn't recommend it. ^_^ Also, the first volume of the manga is not as good as the second one.
Right now I am reading:

Tsubasa because I am a sucker for any CLAMP series. Mokona is so cute!
Strawberry Panic light novel, basically a novelization of the manga
First Love Sisters because I heard it was a well-done shoujo-ai. Haven't started reading it yet.

I am thinking about buying Kashimashi, but I'm not sure about it.
Picked up Tsubasa Volume 4 today, and .hack//Another_Birth Volume 3.

I ended up really liking First Love Sisters and I am looking forward to the next volume. Still undecided on Kashimashi, I still might pick it up...
Mai Valentine said:
I am also in the middle of reading Strawberry Panic. (...) I am waiting for volume 3.
You and Japan, sweetie. :'(

In other news, Zidart has me hopelessly addicted to Ouran High School Host Club. I am currently on Volume 10.

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