What r ur fave cartoons to watch currently?


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Jun 2004
It isn't current, but I think Samurai Champloo is great when I can catch episodes on Hulu.

I recently watched through High School of the Dead. It actually has a decent story and good action. However, it is a bit too "adult" at times in an obnoxious way that some harem anime series are.

I kinda miss having cable and watching Cartoon Network.
My kids really like Family Guy and watch it all the time at my ex house. Some episodes r funny, but most are a lil too gross and disgusting for me to the point i start feeling gross er something that I watched it. I like more funnt light hearted stuff, or if it is violent I want it to be meaningful, like the Kenshin movies or something, or to have a story line like Elfin Lied, but just a bunch of farting and pooping while having sex and blowing peoples heads off just doesn't feel like my style er something. Dunno how to explain, cuz I don't mind violence er nudity er anything as long as it is done a certain way