What to do with THREE original xboxs?

May 2004
At the end of the xbox's life and when the 360 came around, somehow I acquired three working original xboxs. My original plan was to mod them and mess around with them, but never got around to it. What the heck can I do with these now? I highly doubt I can sell them, can anyone think of a good use?
I'd say $30-40+ depending on condition, but check around on there and see what others are going for. They used to go for super cheap, but they might be going back up now that they are considered old and rare.
Jun 2004
I have an original xbox as well. I cannot think of anything the original can do that the 360 cannot. I would like to recover some $ for my original so I can upgrade.
I still have my X-Box hooked up to play original X-Box games. I've had problems playing some X-Box games on my 360. I would buy one as a spare depending on the condition. I would pay more than about $30 though. There are still a crap load of them out there. Maybe if you hold on to them they will go up in price as they become more rare.
You could sell them locally on Craigslist pretty easily like everyone said. I'm not sure why they still sell so quickly but they do.

If you aren't interested in $30-$60 I'd hold on to them. They may go up in value, or you may be able to give them out as gifts? Perhaps younger gamers who don't yet have an Xbox 360 to play on? We helped a family with Christmas this year with a 7 year old son who didn't have any gaming systems (although he badly wanted some) and an old Xbox could really make someone like that happy.
May 2004
Yeah man. It's at home accumulating dust right now. I dunno how much it would cost to ship something like that, but how is like $20+shipping (probably $10 more tops)? I'm not trying to make THAT much out of them. Do you need controllers/cables?
Just one controller and the required cables. Money's a little tight right at the moment, I just got an N64 a couple weeks ago and I've been buying games for it :lol
Just let me know how much total and I'll let you know when I have it.
You should donate them to charity. We have a food bank in my town that has a toy room. I donated my N64 when I upgraded to Xbox 360 and my GBA when I got a DS. You would make some kid crazy happy!!

edit : obviously I donated all my games too

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