What tv shows do u watch on a regular basis?

The Walking Dead is awesome. I do enjoy the differences from the comic.

Started watching Dexter. That one is definitely in my regular line up now.

The Office even though it's over now. I still put it on through Hulu or Netflix at night. A show I go to sleep to.
Ok, my current list of shows is GRIMM, Being Human (USA version), Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Under The Dome, Haven, Big Bang theory, occasionally 2 Broke Girls, Tattoo Nightmares, Naruto Shippudden, and I think that is pretty much it. Oh wait, and Hemlock Grove.
Currently I really like watching the flash and scorpion and bitten and teen wolf and I still watch haven and I like watching Grimm and I watch two broke girls and Big Bang theory too. I feel like there are a lot of other shows I watch too but these are the ones I enjoy the most
flash, arrow, scorpion, grimm, big bang, blacklist, agents of shield, gotham, empire -- all great shows, none I'd be able to watch if it wasn't for the miracle that is dvr. I know most of these have already had their finales but I'm just getting around to December air dates.

Where can I find the Shannara chronicles, I vaguely remember hearing something about it but haven't seen anything yet,


how do you like Agents? so far it's been one of my favorite comic book tv show adaptation
retro junkie said:
I have really been surprised about agents. I agree, it is one of the better comicbook shows on TV. I have started with the first season on Netflix.
It gets much better in Season 2 and Season 3 is even better. Season 1 ties in to Captain America: Winter Soldier, so if you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It helps Season 1 end on a much better note.

As for shows I've been watching regularly lately -

Last Man on Earth
Counting Cars
Master of None
Agents of Shield
Walking Dead
I forgot to include Star Trek TNG.

I grew up hating star trek but the older I get the more I tend to branch out. Netflix had it so I started watching it.

I wouldn't consider myself a big fan but I am enjoying the series and it's helped expand my trivia type knowledge. Maybe after TNG I'll give one of the other spin-offs a chance... or maybe the original.
suits is back on (well has been for a little while now) and it's on my watch list. Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life has been really funny and has Meaghan Rath (the awesome girl from Montreal that was in Being Human) is in it and is awesome.

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