Sega CD What's an unopened Novastorm Game worth?

Feb 2012
I have just listed on ebay a game I found at a flea market. It is an unopened Novastorm CD. I'm not an expert but it seems to be a legitimate unopened game. I know that makes it special but how $pecial? Any opinions?
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
If I remember correctly, Novastorm was an "on rails" FMV shooter. I'm not sure how well the game was liked. It depended on who you were and your taste in games, or how desperate you desired games for your Sega CD. Being a fan of the shooter genre, I had that game and thought it was "OK"." but it was not among my favorite shooters. I never was one for a FMV game, always seemed cheap for some reason.

That being said, if eBay is any way of judging a games worth, I see one up presently, maybe it is yours, (considered new and sealed) with 8 bids showing at $63.00 dollars. A games worth is in the value someone is willing to pay for it. :) someone would consider it special, I am sure.