Whats Your Mood?

Hell Scyth said:
Here's my mood, as best I can phrase the full feeling. I don't expect you to understand at first, but hey. At least I'm not being shy about this!!

So basically (and any one who knows me will know this) i am a True Neutral person. in other words, for anyone feeling or action. There is generally, and almost always, a equal opposite that will occur. In this case, I have lost the black sheltering on my soul and heart, and a feeling i havn't felt since i was 7 or 8 has been released.

Now, I'll put this on the sort of down-side first. "I feel a large amount of hate inside me."
I'm quite sure that you all know what the opposite equal of hate is right?

So basically, I am in love, and have a GF now. :)
BUT! That hate is a downside. To remain Neutral, either I push her away, thus really hurting her, which I will not do. It's not my nature to just hurt. So I am going to have to learn to deal with the extar amount of hatred. :) I beleive, strongly, that in the end. I will not only be back to my normal, "protect everyone at all costs" self, but I will BE stronger from it.

There. Now you know. :)

Hm... strange sort of. This little Chaotic Demon has actually managed to find and have love!


Should also put that, this will not affect AT ALL, my usualy random, slightly angry, laughable, PARTY IN CHAT (or party wherever there is a lyable excuse), shrewed, bit rude, over-protective, nut-case, sick humour, game playing crazy, typical butch male attitude. ;)

PS: I'm gonna' see if i can get her sign up here.... he's not much a gamer, but at least then you can meet her and all that. AND IF ANYONE FREAKIN' HURTS HER IN ANY WAY, PREPARE FOR MORE THAN THE WORST OF IT!!!!!!
Ya, get her to sign up! That would be awesome!! :)
Here's my mood. It's a weird one too.

My day at work can be summed up with one word: Incompetence. It's amazing what a little information can do to make things run smoother.

So I am irritated right now.
I'm mellow. :)

GamingMaiden said:
Hope you feel better Scyth. :)

And I'm fine, Gorerotted's helping me alot. :)
I'm feelin' better. But my condition is no matter. Glad to hear Gore's helping you out. :)

mrs_enigma said:
Ya, get her to sign up! That would be awesome!! :)
She's feelin' lazy, so I don't think I can get her too. lol, no matter. If she's at my place, and I go in chat, I'll let her take over for a bit. ;)
Strubes said:
Tired...and I have to be at work in less than an hour for an 8 hour shift I wasn't even supposed to have.
At least you can't be bored like me. It's 91 outside with a crazy amount of humidity and my kids don't want to go into the back yard. My wife is out buying more baby clothes, and says she'll be back so I can leave and attempt to buy a game or two. Oh, and a few minutes ago my daughter had an explosive diaper incident. Bath time calibre. Dry heaves. Yeah. Nasty.

So I am bored, hungry but too lazy to make anything, and somewhat grossed out.

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