When was the last time you played N64?

Picked up a few games recently for my N64.

Both are based on Japanese anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is really immersive in the way the game is put together. You feel like you are a part of the story. I am having fun even though I do not know what is going on, being that I do not know Japanese.

This game is based off of Gundam series. It is nothing more than a beat'em up fighting game similar to the Street Fighter type genre. You can take the battle to the air or on the ground.

Both of these games give me a different feel about the N64. It expands my perspective of the system. Both games are for fans of the series. I have not watched either of these animes but I am enjoying and having fun. I would say that the Gundam game has not aged well due to the fighter genre has evolved so much over the years. The Neon game shows were modern games, gameplay infused with a story, had its beginnings. As a retro gamer, it is a good trip back on the N64.
I have spent the weekend in the middle of my Nintendo 64. Fighting games have dominated. Fighter's Destiny 2, Dark Rift, Flying Dragon, KI Gold, Fighting Force 64, with a little Pokemon Puzzle League thrown in there for rest periods. Fighter's Destiny 2 seemed to be the favored game in my playtime. Most of these games have been totally underrated. Maybe they are easier to play in the retro perspective when they are not under the gun with competitive established franchises. They can be judged on their own merit. Enjoyed for what they are.
Fighter's Destiny 2 has become a series that has grown on me. I really like the point system. Some of the character designs are a bit unpleasant, awkward, and odd. Still, I find a lot of pleasure learning to master this game.
Playing Flying Dragon right now!!! This game is so good. And I am especially talking about the SD mode in the game. There are RPG elements here that makes the game very deep and fun. If you just casually pick this up, you may not realize the depth here and pitch the game aside. But if you spend time with it you will be motivated to dig in deep. Lots to like here as you learn moves and build your character's strength and skills.
there was a Nintendo game called Flying Warriors that was a little like that. It wasn't a fighter as much as a beat-em-up but it was an early favorite. I wonder if the two are related?
Hiryu no Ken is the name of the series. Most of the stuff was released in Japan but we got some as well. Flying Warriors for the NES, Ultimate Warrior for the SNES, (beat-em-up with rpg elements) and then the flying dragon stuff all came out of that one series. I never playing flying dragon for the 64 but it looks more like a fighter than the other two.

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