Neo Geo CD Where have all the NGCD fans gone???

I was wondering that myself tonight on my way home from work. I have only had my player for well over a week. So I am a new fan. Looking through the different forums, that deal with the Neo Geo CD, it seems that some passion has cooled a bit. My passion is retro gaming. Mostly I am involved with portable handheld gaming. The Neo Geo CD has gotten me back into console gaming. Maybe everyone has just gotten so involved with everyday living that their Neo Geo CD has been put on the back burner for a spell.
The system is the regular top loader. Honestly I have no problems with any loading time. I have been gaming for years. I have lived through the very beginnings of CD gaming and do not know what all the fuss was about with this having long loading times. It may have been the transition from cart to CD that caused all the dissapointment and "learning to be patient."

Three came with the system,
KOF 94
KOF 96 (favorite right now)
FF Special (I had played FF on the SNES & Sega Gen and did not care for it that much. After playing the original game, that has all changed. The real deal is a whole lot better than any of the ports.)

I have added to that so far,
KOF 95
Showdown 2
Showdown 4
KOTM 2 (love it)

On it's way in the mail is,
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
World Heroes 2 Jet

I will have to wait till after the Holidays to think about any more games. :'(

Games that I would like to have are,
Andro Dunos
Ghost Pilots
Kabuki Klash
KOF 98
Sengoku 2
Last Resort
Double Dragon
Breakers Revenge
Kizuna Encounter
Top Hunter
Puzzle Bobble
Drift Out
Aero Fighters 2 & 3
Metal Slug 1 & 2
Plus a few others that don't come to mind right now.
That is great.

I am waiting on a CDZ and a few games, as well as two new style arcade sticks.

Cant wait.

The Real Bout series is great on CD. I would also recommend World Heroes Perfect. It is a great game, and the loads are short to boot.

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