Which Halo game was better (mastermario lol)

Which Halo game was better

  • Halo

    Votes: 14 45.2%
  • Halo 2

    Votes: 17 54.8%

  • Total voters
I'm sorry to hear about the jerks that play live...I don't have live and when I do end up getting it, I don't plan on bein a jerk...I'm a strong believer in treating others the way you'd like to be treated.

I also can't stand when guys are like that to girls. :mad:

Anywayssss.....Halo 1's up by 1 vote I think?
Well it is good to know that there are few good ones out there lol but I will never go back to Xbox live unless something really freaking cool comes out for it like voice on FFXI for the 360, I just had a really bad experience with Xbox Live , Yeah I think my vote tipped it :p ~Sky :-*


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hey.... lets play Halo ... and cyber... ::) :lol

*what are you wearing*
*a plasma Rifle... what about you?*
* sexy long rocket launcher*

honestly.... come on people. :lol

†B†V† :hat
I used to play Counterstrike with a girl, and the first time I played with her I just thought she was some 9 year old boy. It was funny to hear other people call her a noob and, well, various other things, when in fact none of them applied to her. She was good too.

Ya there's a lot of jerks on Xbox Live, it just gives you an extra incentive to win. Plus you can mute players and so forth (I think, on Halo 2 I thought you could, might be wrong), so if someone's being really annoying you can just not listen to them. I dunno, I've met some pretty cool people on there, and I've never been annoyed to the point where I wasn't having fun with the game itself.

On the other hand though, it added (or didn't add) some things that on the whole weren't well received. Like the Arbiter, or lacking online co-op. Or lacking an ending.
I've never played through the 1 player campaign, so I'll have to take your word on that ending thing. I've heard that same thing from other people who were fairly mad about the story, so I'll agree it could have used an ending.  :lol

Still though, if you're going to penalize Halo 2 for not having online co-op then you'd have to penalize the first one too. Just because some people's expectations were really high doesn't mean that Bungie dropped the ball, it just means that people were expecting too much.
My XBL manners are likely appalling. They would seem so to you guys anyways. Earn my respect or get the "heck" out of my way. Most people choose #2.

If you

1) Are a little kid, no matter how mature, or old you say you are
2) Whine aobut anything (he took my weapon!)
3) Scream
5) Refuse to cooperate
6) A racial superiorist *points to Brits*

I will roast you alive.

That is why I play with friends most of the time.

There's a Penny Arcade strip that illustrates this perfectly. I can't post a link here because there is foul language involved, but it dealt with the "Great Internet blankwad theory." It basically said that "normal person + anonymity + vocal communication = total blankwad." It was rather funny.
Halo 2

Better graphics, gameplay, and multiplayer

sure it doesn't have the uber handgun and the assult rifle but I felt that made the weapons too unbalanced

besides the battle rifle has zoom and in the hands of a skilled player can be quite the alien killer and though the smg doesn't have quite the raw killing power of the assult rifle it's duel wielding properties make it quite useful

sure alot of guys on xbox live are jerks but can you blame them, I mean they are substituting their social skills for gaming prowess

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