Who else feels like Diablo 3 will lead to their divorce, termination, heart at..

With Diablo 3 FINALLY out (well soon) I feel like I'm going to one of those parents on the news going to jail because their kid drowned in a half inch of water or burnt their house down because the parent was too occupied with a computer game. Ok, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole but I'll at least get yelled at for being late to work! So yeah, I hope everyone is excited, hope lots of doods from here buy it, and hope there's some ega multiplayer meets.... and look forward to the unemployments.......... oh crap I think my toddler is still in the tub!
You can't skip Diablo. You just can't. Sooner or later the desire to hack and slash countless mobs of demons will be unbearable. So why fight it? Jump on the train now while everyone else is doing it, all the cool kids are!
The subject would hold true if Blizzards servers would stay online long enough! I've been at work for the last ten hours only looking forward to playing until I passed out from exhaustion and da#*#$ if the servers aren't down, with little explination and absolutely no time frame concerning when they'd be back online. Guess I'll sleep for a few hours, hopefully they'll have everything ironed out before I have to go to work tomorrow.
I think the server crap has been ironed out for the most part, I was attempting to solicit players but it seems like L4D2 has taken the attention of the majority of the people I know from here
Grindspine said:
Really? I haven't seen too many on L4D2. That is probably due to my work schedule though.

Bluevoodu talks about D3 every time I see him!

Yeah, the only guys from here i got on my steam friends list were playing l4d2 the other night. I think for the most part though it's just the guys from Indiana for some strange reason.
Haha, I woke up this morning with game invites to L4D2 and TF - looks like this might turn into a weekly thing? If L4D2 ever goes on another steam sale I guess I'll have to pick it up since all the cool kids are doing it.
I was correct, this game is a time killer. I sleep 4 or 5 hours a night, am almost always nearly 5 minutes late to work, but I've got a character thought the first two difficulties and another that's almost ready to ding 30 in the 3rd act of the second difficulty. I STILL CANT FIND a legendary piece of equipment and were talking I've played a grand total of 70 something hours. Playing a mele character in the latter difficulties is brutal and really the only way to spec is to forget damage and just build resistance, life, and armor. It makes solo boss fights last FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! Wizards and Demonhunters seem to be fine. There's talk of another patch to fix some of that.


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targetrasp said:
So yeah, the only way to make any quick progress is to have a ranged character, build them as a glass cannon, and play the game like a bullet hell shooter!
Ah, I have to admit that I miss getting an amazon into nightmare difficulty and just power leveling as a Buriza-zon or using the Thunderstroke (?) javelins.

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