Who has dusted off the NES, SNES lately?

the 72 pin connectors work well but you've got to clean your carts and the machine where the connector plugs into as well for the system to work like new. I've put many in that didn't clear up the problem at all until i started really cleaning everything. Sometimes a pink eraser and lots of time work and sometimes it's best to use a metal polish and denatured alcohol. Rubbing alcohol does work BUT it leaves a film when it dries, denatured alcohol is wonderful for contacts and plastics (cds, dvds, etc) and all you've gotta do is clean then let it dry. Buy a bit that takes the carts apart to where you can really get to the pins and polish the heck out of them, clean the board where the 72 pin connector goes and voila, blink free. Lots of times you can actually clean these and your old connector and get similar results.


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Dusted off??

My SNES has a solid position right next to my PS2. I believe Super Mario World is the current cart, though Gradius III is in the console often.
Super Mario World isn't saving my games when the console turns off. I think the cart is old enough that the internal memory battery has died. :(
I've replaced batteries in game carts before, its fairly simple if you can solder. you need a game bit to open the cart, a battery holder (doesn't really matter what kind but smaller is your friend) and batteries to match the holder. there's two points to unsolder to remove the old battery and install is the reverse. my last legend of zelda cart had two aa batteries in it!
Between maintaining the yard and work, I am finding that the NES games make very good quickies. They are very good for short gaming in-between all the tight busy schedule of summer. It seems that there are a lot of games on the system that are meant to be played through in one sitting, once you memorize the patterns. But even with one or two stage sessions, they are still satisfying.

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i've heard the replacement 72 pin connecter isn't as good as the original part and would still cause problems sometimes. maybe its better to clean the original part as best and thoroughly as possible and use that again.
All the replacement 72 pin connectors I have bought worked fine...
speaking of zelda I decided to test the batteries out and play it again. I went through the first quest in a matter of hours but the master quest ate my lunch. I finally did beat the master quest but it took a few days of cussing and throwing controllers. Since I was in a nes mood I tried a few of my old games but none really stood the test of time like Zelda did. I remember playing Breakthru, Karnov, Bad Dudes, Cabal, Castlevania, and LoLo for days per cart and now you can finish Bad Dudes and Cabal in about 19 minutes each, Lolo gets annoying after 20 minutes, and really nothing else could keep my interest for any amount of time. Zelda seems to be the only nintendo game I can find that's stood the test of time and that actually makes me want to come back to play it. It's sad because the nes has been my favorite system since I got one for my 5th birthday in 1986. So I'd imagine I wont be dusting off the NES for a while, at least until I decide I want to beat Zelda again.
buying pilotwings (and being immediately disappointed in it) for the 3ds made me find its grand daddy and I must say the original was the best. There's a bunch of snes titles I'm considering revisiting (and a lot more I want to purchase again). the 16 bit metroids and castlevanias come to mind as well as Aerobiz (i'll never find the cart but I'd love to play it again).
The Metroid for SNES is a very good game. I still have it. I have kept at least 80% of my collection. I lost some titles by lending them to someone years ago. I forgot who, they never returned them. Contra was in that few games and I miss that one dearly.

I usually pull out Space Mega Force or Gradius occasionally.
I bought gradius and rtype when the local video stores were transitioning into the 32bit age and I played both until my thumbs bled. I got box book and game for $5.00 each and they ended up eBay fodder.
shooters just aren't the same anymore. I remember playing Tiger Heli on the NES until the game started over at the beginning, trying to beat gradius without the konami code, and rtype, ha, rtype I played so much I could play it with my eyes closed.

Shooters just don't seem to come out anymore, and I think the complex hardware of the newer generation systems begs for a game with a bit more substance but with things like steam and the emergence of indie gaming I would have guessed there'd be a lot of awesome shooters but there's just not.

I'll can't imagine anything as good as gradius or rtype ever again, much less soldier blade or blazing lasers.
Remember when people called large TV's big screens? I finally got rid of the first ever HD TV I purchased, a huge rear projection monster, and put a couple cube shelving units together and hung an lcd on the wall above it so I had a place for all my vintage stuff. Now I don't have to move one from the closet whenever I wanna play vintage.

So to christen the set up I played some Goonies 2 and Jaws on the NES and Mario RPG on the snes. Jaws is still pretty easy but Goonies kicked my butt and Mario RPG didn't get the time it deserved but it soon will. I thought about throwing some bean bags in the room, maybe a pinball machine OR A FREAKIN DOME HOCKEY TABLE, some neon light strips, and spraying graffiti on one of the walls to really make the den look late 80's early 90's but I thought guests probably wouldn't understand!
This is happening right now!

I have seen on the net that Street Fighter Alpha 2 is not compatible with the SupaBoy. Someone was showing on youtube that the first version of the system would play this game without any problems. I have the second edition of the Supaboy and it plays this game without any problems. Not sure if my copy of SF Alpha 2 being a Super Famicom version has anything to do with it. I just know that I am happy. Won this game Saturday on eBay and got home from work to find it in my mailbox, joy. 8)
It seems like you get a lot of super famicon games, are they cheaper, or just something you like to collect? I enjoy the super Nintendo but it seems like the games I like are 30 - 50 and sometimes higher (especially the good rpgs) but have never looked into famicon games just because of the language. I guess side scrollers, shootemups, and fighters wouldn't be so difficult to navigate in a foreign language but I sure couldn't play earthbound not being able to read whats going on.
You guessed it. The famicom games prices are ridiculously lower than their US counterparts. That is the reason I am purchasing famicom. I go to youtube and look to see if language would be a problem. Someone always has some review of a game. I weep over the RPGs wishing I knew Japanese. Many of the RPGs you can pick up for under $10. I have one of the Parodius series of shooters on its way.

I will be taking out my SNES and cutting out the two little tabs so that I can play my Famicom games on it this week.
I remember hearing something about that. apparently the inner workings of the snes and famicon were similar and the cart connector was the same but the carts were made just a little different and that if you grind / cut off a couple of plastic parts the snes would play sfc. That's cool. too bad there's not a translator chip you could solder in somewhere!

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