Who has dusted off the NES, SNES lately?

I took a pair of wire cutters, snip, snip. Used a needle nose to break them out. Cleaned it up with my knife. It is just a couple of tabs that fit into the bottom back of the US cart slots. I like this type of regional lockout, so simple. (The N64 is the same type of lockout.) My Famicom games work great in my SNES. My SNES will not work with my flatscreen tv. It only shows a black&white picture. I still have my tube, my retro gaming TV. :)
my snes works OK with my flat screen. My receiver does some upconverting but it's still not perfect. It's my only option since my last tube tv bit the dust a few years ago. It's still very playable.
Yeah, the better way... rgb.


I've always wondered about these things (I think even made inquiries on here) but the xrgb-3 looks legit.

The upscaler will cost you nearly 350 and each scart cable nearly 20 and some systems will have to be modded to get rgb but look at the videos...

A lot of the games these guys were playing looked better than I've seen them emulated...

I'm sold, now if I can just sell a kidney or something to afford to outfit everything
Wow! That is a chunk of change to throw down on something. In my house I'd need a jar set up somewhere to catch pocket change. And that would take a long time before I'd have the funds for something like that. I am sure that it is in low demand which accounts for the high price. It sort-of caters to a niche market. And I know that it is "seasonal" because technology changes so much, rather quickly in our present age. Until the old technology is purged from electronics the RCA plugs will be around for a while. That is why I purchase clone systems for experimenting with. Looking for that perfect one. Clones run rather well with the newer stuff. My NES playtime is spent on a clone system simply because of the RCA hook ups. I am not, a purist, or that picky with colors and sound, I just want to play the game. My main concern with clones is compatibility. Those games do look good though.
I imagine if I bought a clone for every system I have it'd probably spend the $350 that I would have otherwise spent on the xrgb. The spending wouldn't stop there though, SCART cables for the systems, mods for the ones that don't have some sort of rgb out already, and converters for the ones that do.

I'm sure I'll get one of these at some point, but as of now I've still got a few more important wants..
I popped in Actraiser today and played for a few hours until I got so close to beating it I felt like I needed to leave some for tomorrow. This is such a simple game but one of my all times favorites. I've actually started trying to find games similar to it, the closest (and another favorite) is Dark Cloud. I was looking at soul blazer but that game is 60 plus on ebay. I'm determined to find another hybrid game that's really enjoyable but it's difficult.
Gamestop selling retro games have really given my nes and snes a workout. I recently purchased The legend of Zelda a Link to the Past and have been trying to do it from memory... admittedly i'm not very far
Jun 2004
I wish I could get into my parents attic to find my old SNES games. I have a few here, but I know that my parents had stashed a handful somewhere as well. I am sure the battery life of the save files is no longer holding up though...

Is there any remedy for installing a new battery? I would really like to play through Super Mario World with the capability of saving...
I got Blaster Master in the eshop a while back and I really don't remember it being that hard. I find myself saying this about a lot of NES games but honestly, I might have been 8 years old when that game first came out and I could beat it, now getting past the first part was difficult, and even that first boss fight when you're not in your vehicle was hard.
I think the earlier video games were purposefully harder because they were relatively short being constrained by the rom chips of the day. Outside of Super Mario Bros a lot of games I remember playing only had a few stages. If those stages weren't nails hard I'd imagine games being completed in a matter of minutes. Who's going to spend all that money on something they'll beat in a day?

Now the games are a bit easier, I'd imagine in part because of the length the game would take otherwise. If people are logging 40 - 80 hours in a Skyrim type of game imagine time spent if the difficulty was turned up to 11. I'm sure there's a sweet spot between difficulty and average time required to finish a game to maintain interest.
And there is something about a well balanced game that is hard enough to make it challenging. You feel that it is your fault that you failed, not the game. That teases you enough that you keep coming back for more. I think a lot of those old games had that quality.
Jun 2004
Dark Souls is like a modern type game with plenty of fails and constant deaths! I had it for a short time on PS3, but realized that I was too much of a sore loser to keep playing it.

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