Nokia N-Gage who here owns an N-Gage?

I would not support this system in your store Dave. It was a disaster waiting to happen. It was too expensive, the console design is terrible, the online functions are too expensive, and the games are crap.
Jun 2004
For the multiplayer games. It's like wireless except more um...advanced, I think. It's a way of hooking up with other N-Gages so you can play games with other people.

You know what's funny though is that they recalled the N-Gage QD because people were mad that Nokia made it so that you HAD to get T-Mobile as your service to play the games.
Jun 2004
I've played games on both versions of the N-Gage, and my personal opinion is that the controls suck and the screen is too small. I mean if you think the GBA has a small screen, the N-Gage screen is half that, and worse, it's vertically orientated instead of horizontally orientated. It doesn't work very well for side-scrollers.
Jun 2004
It might be worth getting used to the controls if only there were some half-decent games....Tomb Raider and the Sims just didn't do it for me, though. Especially since if you made your character a girl in the Sims she had to wear a mini-skirt. I was like, "Ok, not all girls like to wear mini-skirts! Can't I at least get some jeans?"
I have both,
the QD sucks because they took out the MP3 player and some other features,
But the Taco sized original isn't that bad, the buttons are badly layed out and
the games are not to much fun with the vertical screen.

Oh and lets not forget those horrible FPS's with the mixture of bad controls and terrible screen size.

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