who here still plays there n64 more than any other system?

Apr 2006
I have my n64 hooked up to the TV in my living room almost constantly, and it gets played about every week, so it is not getting played the most...but it still is in use.

The big HDTV in my bedroom has the Gamecube and PS2 hooked up to that, and it gets a lot more use.

I have been thinking about getting more games for the N64 too.
Jun 2004
I don't really play it anymore because all my favourite 64 games I play on different systems, and it's easier that way.

Mario 64 - DS and soon to be Wii
Mario Kart 64 - Soon to be Wii
Zelda: OoT - Gamecube
Majora's Mask - Gamecube


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Jun 2005
Louisburg, NC, USA
maiden fan said:
This is the main system i play right now since my PS2 is broken
Did you drop it?? Spill something on it? Yell at it? Did your house get flooded?? Earth Quake?? Did you give it the evil eye??

It's been hard lately to play my N64, being as the game I played the most is now a DS game. And I play it all the time on my DS.
Jan 2007
Denham Springs, LA
No, I do not play it more than any other system. But often times I find myself playing Turok Dinosaur Hunter for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment I take in stabbing idiotic A.I. until they fall before me.

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Right now I am playing my N64 more than my other consoles simply because EB Games and Gamestop are selling out of the N64 games. I am buying a lot of the N64 games that I have not owned, leading me to play it more. Having a lot of fun on this great little system.

I usually play handheld video game systems a lot more than consoles. They tend to be my favorites. ;D

I also rotate my consoles. I have around 12, and being a retro gamer, rotating seems to be the best solution to playing.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I had my N64 out today and was transported back to 1997 reliving Star Fox 64! I had a great time going through that game again. It made me remember why I like the N64. :) The next few days might be mingled with Star Fox and a few other games.


Jun 2004
That's awesome, Retro! Good to see somebody other than me still playing the N64. I usually still play at least once a week, mostly for Goldeneye. I never had Star Fox, that is one I need to get!