Who here was actually a Nintendo 64 fan?


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May 2004
Do any of you still play it? Anyone still love the system?
If so post up... and post what you like about the system.

The N64 had too much negativity... and this system was actually very good.

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I liked it, and still have mine packed away downstairs. Only thing that I actually hated was the $30 memory expansion that prevented me from getting Majora's Mask. Back then, at $10 a month for allowance, that was a huge deal....
Don't get me started on how much I love my N64. I started saving up so I could buy the next Nintendo(after GCN) but I decided to buy a few more games instead and play for years to come. I may be missing out but that's cool with me! All right N64!! :af
I loved my N64; games like Super Mario 64 and Zelda 64 may not be topped for a long long time...

Really, have any of you played a platformer since Mario 64 that you thought was better? I liked Ico a lot, but it was more of an adventure game... and still not as good as the ol' Mario 64.
I gotta admit here, in the N64 VS. PSone days, I was a PSone fan. I did end up buying a 64 due to peer pressure, but I was a PSone "fanboy". N64 didn't seem impressive to me back then, with the exception of Ocarina of Time, which remains today one of my favourite games ever.

Lately i've been playing a lot of Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye though, and i've realised that it did it have more than just the one gem. Strange as it may sound, I think I even like the N64 more now than I did in it's glory days. I already have plans to purchase Turok and Lylat Wars. :-\
Jun 2004
Bluevoodu said:
Do any of you still play it?  Anyone still love the system?
If so post up... and post what you like about the system.
I still have mine, and actually right now I'm playing Paper Mario.

The N64 has some great games. My favorites (which are in my collection) are:
Paper Mario
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Stadium 2
Cruis N World
Perfect Dark
Dr. Mario 64
Pokemon Puzzle League
Mario Kart 64
F-Zero X
Bust-a-Move 2 Arcade Edition

There's also a few that I haven't gotten around to purchasing yet, including:
Super Mario 64 (yeah, I know, it's shocking isn't it?)
Mario Party 1-3


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May 2004
you have played SMA 64 though... right mai?
It is hard to believe you never bought that :)

That is still one of the best looking N64 games out. Awesome stuff.

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Jun 2004
I have played it, yeah. I'm not sure why I never bought it.

But I've always been a Nintendo fan more for Zelda than for Mario, anyway. I don't have Super Mario Sunshine, either, although I have played that as well.


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May 2004
Retro Hero said:
I bought Donkey Kong 64 today, I remember quite liking it.
I never did get that game...

what was it like?

@ MAi..... so did you get far in the game?

I really liked Super Mario Sunshine. That was an AWESOME game.

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I never did get that game...

what was it like?
It wasn't bad. It was a pretty good platformer but I didn't like having to do everything with all 5 characters. I can't remember what you had to do, but it was like collecting certain things with all characters and it got repetitive. Not on calibur with Donkey Kong Country, but still a fun game.
I finally beat the jungle in Goldeneye. I've been stuck on that level for a loooong time.

I love playing All Star Baseball 2000. I play like every night. I like it as much as O of T.

I got an N64 at launch. A friend turned me on to a deal at Service Merchandise, where a computer error listed them at like $49.99, so I preordered one. I picked it up, and it turned out they had to honor the price. So I got my launch system for $50, and I got a Mario 64 to go with it. That was $69.99 at the time.. I paid more for the first game than I did for the console.

The lack of good titles early on caused me to sell my system off, but I bought another around the time Rogue Squadron came out. It got most of its play from titles like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Zelda. It became indespensible to my group when the AKI WWF wrestling titles started coming out. They were the multiplayer games of choice, and no other current wrestling game has garnered that kind of attention inside my circle of friends.

Overall, it was a solid but underlooked console. It deserved better software than it got.
You have never played Super Mario 64 :eek:? Sheesh, your just as bad as BV not playing DK64......I only kid

Well, Nintendo 64 was, is, and always will be, my favorite console, there is no doubt about that. Why? because all of my all time favorite games are on that system alone. Shadowman, Turok 1 an 2, Shadowgate, Mario 64, Goldeneye, DK64, both Zelda's, etc, etc, etc. I would sell any of my new consoles before I sold my 64, never!!!
I bought one on launch day. Loved it back then, many of the games are still favs of mine, the AKI wrestling titles are the best wrestllers I think still to this day. I actually need to get another N64 someday soon...I miss Harvest Moon on 64 heh.
I love N64 to death, one of my favorite systems next to the many I already respect as much.

Here's a list of titles I loved (Yes I have played alot in my time since it was released)

Blast Corps
Bomberman 64
Bomberman: The 2nd Attack
Bomberman Hero
Bust-A-Move 99
Bust-A-Move 2
CastleVania: Legacy of Darkness
Command & Conquer
Diddy Kong Racing
Donkey Kong 64
Dr. Mario 64
Duke Nukem 64
Excitebike 64
F-zero X
Forsaken 64
Fighting Force 64
Fighter's Destiny
Fighter's Destiny 2
GoldenEye 007
Golden Nugget
Gauntlet Legends
Goemon's Great Adventure
Harvest Moon 64
Killer Instinct Gold
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mickey's Magical Tetris Challenge
Mario Golf
Mario Party
Mario Party 2
Mario Party 3
Mario Tennis
Mario Kart 64
Mega Man 64
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 1
Mischief Makers
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Mystical Ninja
Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness
Namco Museum 64
The New Tetris
Nightmare Creatures
Ogre Battle 64
Paper Mario
Pokemon Puzzle League
Pilotwings 64
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Stadium 2
Quake 2
Quest 64
Ridge Racer 64
Rampage 2: Univsersal Tour
Rampage World Tour
Rayman 2
Resident Evil 2
Sin and Punishment (Import only)
Star Fox 64
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars Episode I Racers
Star Craft 64
Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros.
Snowboarding Kids
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk 2
Tony Hawk 3
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Turok 2 Seeds of Evil
Vigilante 8
Vigilante 8: Second Offense
Wave Race 64
Wipe Out 64
Yoshi's Story

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