Who is the anime character you're most like and why?

Jan 2010
The title says it all, and to answer my own question, I think that I'm a lot like a mix between Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu), Konata (Lucky Star), and Kallen (Code Geass). I think I have the impulsiveness of Haruhi, the video game obsession of Konata, and the overall protect/do what is right mindset of Kallen. I just wish that I had the opportunity to pilot a giant mecha... :p

So, what anime characters are the members of EGA most like?
well.... i'd say that I am like Luffy (one piece) since i am rather happy go lucky most of the time but when i get mad is very noticeable. Also i kind of sympathize with Kyon from haruhi suzumiya.
Jan 2010
I never could stand Kagome. She got a tad irritating with her constant whining after awhile. Plus, her voice was really annoying in the English dub.
Jun 2008
So. Cal.
I'd have to be a spear wielder and much more physically fit to be like Balsa from Moribito. ;) But I guess I'd say I can relate most to her.

She is a woman in her 30's, unmarried and a foster parent. Me too. She protects her family from those that want to hurt them on a daily basis, helps her foster son through his emotional issues, and finds herself being a mother though she's far from prepared for it. There's a lot more in regards to her motivations and such but I'm not able to put it into words, except to say that the character has a special place in my heart.
Jul 2011
Who is the anime character youre most like and why

What school from the anime/manga world would you like to attend? if the school is not in the poll just add it and tell us why.
I don't recall seeing this thread in the past. It is pretty cool. I dunno who I am most like. I really like Nyu from Elfen Lied tho. If someone else was choosing who I be based on who I act like I guess I would prolly end up being Wendy from Fairy Tail, even tho i would prolly rather get to be someone else lol. The reason why I think Wendy, is becuz she heals, and I like to try to help people, and really like the healer type role. Plus, she is very sensitive, where she wants to be helpful and useful super bad, and is sad if she dissapointed er let anyone down and wants/wishes to be as useful as all the other members. Plus, she has a sweet nice type personality, and I think most people would put me in a category like that. I kinda wish I was someone more exciting er bold er fun er powerful tho, lol. But, ya, prolly be Wendy lol.

lol. my husband confirmed that I am just like Wendy lol
Feb 2005
I want to think that I am a lot like Haruhi from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Not really sure why but I saw a lot of myself in her when I watched it. I'll probably post a more cohesive post tomorrow cause I'm tired and not really thinking right.
Jun 2012
I have lots of favorite anime character...
And I think I like them all the most...
But ok I will answer the tread...^_^

I think the anime character I like most is Saber (Fate/stay night) because she is powerful and I like her attitude...

And I want to add also Saya from Blood+ because I also like her character and determination...

Those girls are awesome, a fighter and a savior of humankind...^_^