Who still has a wii and plays it?


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May 2004
It seems there has been a lot of wii neglect lately. Lol...

If you've been playing with your wii, post it up! What have you been playing and what looks good on the wii now and in the near future?

If you haven't been playing, what do you want to play and what games look interesting to you?

Post it up!

BV :hat
Feb 2005
I usually play VC or WiiWare, I wish they would release something good on there again cause I have like 1200 points just sitting on my account waiting.

I would like some kind of JRPG for it, if there is any (besides ToS2, which I have played somewhat recently) hit me up. =o
Jan 2010
Northern AL
I still play mine, but it's mostly VC and Netflix lol
Mad World is the last game I got for it, but I've been busy with PC games and havent finished it yet.

However, there have been several games that have sparked my attention lately.

I've been wanting to try out Metroid: Other M, the new Goldeneye, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and Epic Mickey.
i still play with my wii quite a lot actually... in fact there are a bunch of games for the psp/ps3/ps2/pc that i have yet to finish but i managed to beat all my wii games. recently i beat kirby's epic yarn and metroid the other M and today i plan on pre-ordering sonic colors.

so my wii gets anything but neglect


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Jun 2004
I do not play Wii. The only games that have caught my interest at all have been Metroid: Other M and New Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, my interest in those is less than my interest in some games on the other consoles and PC.

Mai Valentine

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Jun 2004
I still have mine. Just the other day a couple of my housemates and I played the Super Mario Bros. game.

I have a bunch of Wii games that hopefully I'll actually get around to playing at some point.
Feb 2005
Haven't played it in a long time. You can only release crappy gimmicky games for so long. They learned with the DS quickly, but haven't done well with the Wii.
Nov 2010
I play mine quite a lot to be honest. It does have some great games on it, you just have to sift through all the shovelware to find them.

Recently got Epic Mickey and Sin & Punishment 2, so have been playing them a lot.

I've probably completed more Wii games than 360 games.
Dec 2007
I don't play mine as often as I like. Probably because it's not with the other consoles and it's hooked up to a small T.V.
Dec 2005
Fraser, Michigan
I haven't played my Wii in a while. Just too much stuff coming out for other systems coupled with the Wii not providing too much entertainment. It has it's moments though.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
agpickle said:
I am the only person in the world who never bought one. 8)
x2 said:
I don't have one either. But I will...when they are absolutely dirt cheap and I can score one for like $50.
I just caved and purchased one over eBay. Should be at my door within a week. Initially I gave in over four months ago when I picked up NiGHTS for the Wii for less than $10 factory sealed. It has laid up on the shelf waiting for a Wii.

I keep asking myself, Why did you do this when you are supposed to be a retro gamer? *whimper*

My next game will be Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Excite Trucks has always secretly caught my eye.

There needs to be a sticky on recommended games for the Wii.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Geometry Wars is good.

Also for retro lovers, the Wii is the bomb with Arcade compilations. Like "Data East Arcade Classics" and "Ultimate Shooting Gallery" that contains 3 Dreamcast shooters.