Whut? Playing Genesis Games in 2016!!!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Pulled out my Genesis today. It has been a while because I have been using my Retron 3.
Ain’t nothin like the real thang. :rockin

Spent time with,
Gunstar Heroes
Panorama Cotton (Got a reproduction cart last week. Had to play it on the original. Know whut I mean?)
Contra Hard Corps
Vapor Trail
Bio Hazard Battle
Streets of Rage 3

Spent the day mostly reliving these moments. Crawled out thinkin it was the 90s again.
Jul 2009
Nice! I've gotten kinda lazy with plugging my old consoles in. Lately it's just my PS4 and Dreamcast or PS3.

I did end up buying Streets of Rage for my 3DS along with Outrun since I picked up the record for it that came out awhile back. Lately collecting vinyls has taken over collecting video games for me but it sure makes me want to play all these classic Sega games.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Snowed in this weekend with my place of work closed due to the road hazards. Good coating of ice with a very deep blanket of snow on top. I am doing the Sega Genesis dance!

Arrow Flash
Battle Toads
Second Samurai

Second Samurai is really a lot of fun. Full of intense action.