why no playstation 4 forum yet?

there is more and more information coming out about the ps4, i was looking to share some of the info graphics i have recently made for PS4 but there is no where to post them...

please start a ps4 forum soon :p
Jun 2004
We haven't made any decisions on forums for next Gen consoles yet. It will depend on how much interest people show. For example, even though the Wii U is already out, we just haven't seen enough people talking about it or showing an interest to justify it getting its own forum. So for now it just falls under the Wii forum. The same will probably be true for the PS4 and the Xbox 720 until interest ramps up.

tl;dr Post any PS4 topics in the PS3 forum for now, and if/when we create a PS4 forum, we'll move the topics.
Seriously... is no one else looking forward to the ps4?
have had several pieces of fan art and comics created on behalf of PS4 and was hoping to share them here but do not know where even to post them.

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