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This is a fantastic operating system... If you have NVidia. My laptop is bottom of the barrel i3 with an NVidia graphics chipset and windows ten is amazing on it. 10 takes the best parts of 7 and 8 and puts them together into something completely workable. The addition of Cortana for the desktop is also interesting, right now she doesn't do much but if MS keeps adding features Cortana could take things to the highest level.

For my AMD desktop I've done nothing but update drivers, restart, and get ill. When playing any kind of game the computer sounds like Max Headroom in that it constantly "stammers." It's really hard to explain but every few seconds it freezes for a brief moment and makes that same freezing noise. It's constant until I stop playing games. I've not tried video out yet but I'm sure that'll be the same. Everything else works great though, it's a really great OS.
Jun 2004
Really? I've heard that Windows 10 is having issues with Nvidia. I haven't even upgraded yet but some of the updates I got for Windows 8 made my Nvidia stop working correctly, and I had to switch back to my AMD card.
I've upgraded three so far and systems with AMD gpu's gave me the only trouble so far. I had to install windows 10 three different times to get it to work on my desktop computer. The third time I let windows install, created a save point, update windows 10, create save point, rinse lather repeat until winows 10 couldn't find any more updates to it, then started updating drivers to everything else (one at a time, each fully installing and creating save points) until absolutely nothing was left. It seems like if you get the catylist drivers updated before windows is completely updated there's a conflict somewhere. I still can't figure out why suspend and hibernate causes the computer to completely freeze and be unresponsive until its shut down but like I said, that's something I don't really use anyway, I've not found any fix because I haven't cared enough to look.
So I finally got to upgrade to windows 10. So far so good, everything feels snappy. I haven't tried to game yet but I plan on performing clean install before I try anything. I currently have an Nvidia GTX 970. I'll let everyone know what my experience is.
I still can't AMD cards to work perfectly with windows 10. The minimum requirements are so low on windows 10 Crap I had 10 years ago should run it just fine I just cant figure out why games momentarily freeze while I'm playing.

I'm wondering if its the number of displays I'm using, I think I'll disable the multiple displays and see if that stops it.
I've tried three different video cards, reseated all the ram, tried each stick of ram by itself, used different pci e slots for the video card, basically disassembled the computer and put it back together piece by piece, and even just the basic ram, hdd, video card, monitor, still produces the same issue. I've decided that motherboard is going to end up as an art project and will be buying a new board and processor for my desktop.

Windows 10 I must apologize, it's probably not your fault.
I'm perfectly fine with Windows 10. Honestly, I feel it's the best Windows yet. I use it at home and professionally and whenever I go back to a Windows 7 machine, I don't like it.

However, my next computer might just be a Linux machine. It needs to get bigger if there is to be competition for Windows.
My luck with Linux is only good when i'm building a machine for a certain purpose only. Media server, retro emulator, file server, MCS for a direct tv DRE installation, remote terminal for a point of sale... I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. Ubuntu is close to windows but you'll always find some piece of software that just doesn't do as well with it, or some driver that's a pain. There's a Linux distribution for whatever specific need you're looking for but when it comes to a multi purpose machine its windows every time.
That's the rub though. If nobody jumps on, then Linux won't grow to compete with Windows. So I'm willing to be a guinea pig. I've used Ubuntu enough that I can do all of my general computing on it. Gaming is still rough but it's getting bigger with Valve's and GOG's support.
I'm using Zorin Linux on my desktop and Linux Mint on my laptop. I just set my Daughter up over the 4th of July downtime with a ThinkCentre running Zorin. She wanted to get away from Windows but using Photo Shop for a lot of her graphics, art work, illustrations, for children's books, etc. I got her up and going with her Wacom tablet. Photo Shop I had to do some adjustments, add a line in WINE and change some settings, but it is running perfect now. Zorin is a great starter for someone switching from Windows.
retro junkie said:
I'm using Zorin Linux on my desktop and Linux Mint on my laptop.
Which one do you prefer? I've used Linux Mint but had some issues with drivers. Which seems weird because it's just based of Ubuntu and that worked fine. Zorin looks nice. Might install it on my laptop this weekend.
I have used Linux as my OS for 18 years. I've been using Mint for the last bunch of years. I started with 11 and I presently am using 17.3 on my laptop. Reason being, is because it has long term support. I started using Zorin 9 last September on my desktop. I like it basically because of the GUI. It looks good. The way it has been designed to appeal and make an ease of transition from Windows, I find very enjoyable with an ease of use. It accepts my whole setup and I have had no problems or issues with the things I use. I have a Wacom tablet to arrive on Monday and already know that it will be no problem working out of the box. I have considered loading Zorin on my laptop, but I am only hesitant because of the age of my laptop, lenovo R60.
I tried to use Zorin 12.1 on my Daughters ThinkCentre. It worked great, but I could not get it to load my Daughters version of PhotoShop. She has an older version of PhotoShop which was the free version CS2 Adobe gave us. If I could have gotten it loaded, I could have fixed it to run. I had to go back to Zorin 9. (Really that is the only two copies I had without downloading something else, I was just trying to get her up and going with only 9 running on my stuff to verify that it works.) We chose the release of Zorin we are using because I could get our version of Photoshop to run on it perfect.

I have said all this (I know, long post) because of the one quirk about Linux. As newer versions are released, and changes made in order to include support for advancement in technology, it seems that the older stuff, sometimes, is lost in the shuffle. One release of a Linux distribution, for example Zorin, may not mean the next release will support the same older tech, or in our case, the older Windows program. These things are only a problem with people like me who lives off of grabbing up the computers they use for $40. :lol My laptop was $30. I have in the past built my own rigg, but it is become so convenient and cheap to get the used or refurbished stuff. :-\ Building your own system from the ground up takes a lot of research, time. Within the next three years I have plans on maybe retiring. That will give me more time.

I have said all this to make this point. Right now Zorin is my Linux of choice. I want it to stay that way. It has the Ubuntu repositories. As my version of Linux support runs out in 2019, which means I will need to move to the newer release, if I want to remain internet friendly. At that point I might need to consider picking up a newer refurbished, or used, computer, or build my own. The reason, the newer version may not load or boot up on what I am using now. Which usually turns into a seek and find a newer Linux distro that with work with my stuff. Remember I have used exclusively Linux for 18 years and I have learned a few things. I hate this about this OS, but I also love using it.
I have very few needs which it comes to using a computer, documents, internet stuff, art & photos concerning graphics, which will increase with the Wacom tablet. And I want to get into a little animation.
I love the Zorin OS and I hope this will be a very long term relationship.
Cool. I build my own PCs so that shouldn't really be a problem for me. I do keep my older computers and eventually pass them down to my niece and nephew. I'll probably install Zorin for them.

I see that Zorin costs about $26 US. Not bad, much better price than Windows. Do you happen to know if that's a lifetime price or is that for each major version? I don't mind paying, just wondering what I get with that.
Zorin core is a free download. The Purchased Zorin premium edition is for businesses, a pay-for-support add ons. Something like that. I use the free version Zorin core. A home user doesn't need the paid version. And it is a fee for each purchased business edition. I am not sure of the length of time you get of the support.

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