Would You Pay This Price For A Used Copy Of Wind Waker?

Aug 2013
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the price. The screenshot below is the price of a used copy. I shop this site often and the average price for a used Wind Waker is a little north of $50.00. Not knowing why the price was so high, I contacted the site owners and asked why. I received a reply saying that they didn't have any specific details because it sold long before they got my email! Someone must have wanted that one big time!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
At first thought I would say that one would have to be totally insane to pay that kind of price for a game. But then I remember getting the PS2 just to play the newest Final Fantasy at the time. That would be like paying $250 for just one game. Not sure if that counts being that many games followed for the PS2 in my collection. I guess, in a way, I understand the mentality a little. But I have never purchased a game above the retail price. I do have games in my collection that are worth, or I have seen the selling price, $150.00 or more. But I would never sell those games because I want to play them. There are those games that I would love to have but they are so out there in price that I do not see myself ever shelling out the money. So I look and cry. I would love to have Metal Slug for my SNK Neo Geo CD console, but I cannot see myself putting that kind of investment into a CD when the player could go out tomorrow. A game cart, for some reason, I have a different perspective. I could see myself putting more money into something like that. At this point, as a gamer, my perspective toward CD consoles is probably bad. If it dies then I sell the games and not look back. My Sega CD bit the dust and I unloaded my games onto eBay. Could not see myself maintaining that old system. It was a little fun while it lasted.
I do remember seeing a Genesis game in a local indoor flea market in perfect condition for $2.00. I knew the value of that game. I bought it and listed it on eBay for biding. It sold for $36.00.
Jul 2004
Game collecting seemed to have peaked almost a decade ago and afterwards a lot of the collectables became all but worthless. A lot of the smaller game dealers shut down because margains became nil and it just wasn't worth it anymore. Now with a lot of the trade dead and gone, an increasing push towards digital, and add the fact nintendo hasn't been top dog for many systems (overlook fanboyism, and the miracle that was the wii's sales) they just haven't mass produced as much making the sought after games a bit more rare.

this stuff ebbs and flows a bit so I'd be super interested to see how these prices are sitting say february but people are crazy and pay crazy prices so who knows. If gcn games stay that high I bet emulation will go nuts.