Xbox Drives

I have had both the Samsung and Philips drive, and the Philips actually performed better {less disc read errors, quieter, read more media}. Those Thomson drives were pure garbage, though!
Hell Scyth said:
:lol OMG, my days of working in an electronics store gave me the insight I was going to say "Why would you get a Thomson Drive?" Figures they're crap. lol
Hahaha, yeah, most Thomson drives didn't even last a year! If it did last longer, you were just extremely lucky :lol
Mai Valentine said:
I think the Halo edition Xbox has the Philips drive, looking at that. But now I want to double check. I know it's not a Samsung drive, though.
I am pretty sure it's a Philips, as well. My buddy has one and it runs great.
Hm, I reckon the Samsung is better. That make good drives for many different things these days, not that I'm saying Phillips isn't good, because they've brought out their share of fine technology too. But Samsungs seem to last a very long time.

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