Xbox games you should have purchased back in the day, but didn't?

My top pick?

I purchased some old Xbox demos from a guy for $5. After sorting them out and finding games I never got to try out, here's my results:

1. Conker: Live and Reloaded
I never played the original on N64, but this remake is actually pretty sweet and funny.
2. The Suffering
As a Silent Hill fan, I should have dived right into this without question. No clue why I avoided it, but man this is a freaky game.
3. Unreal Championship 2
I heard it was great, but didn't know anyone who played it.
Was never a fan of the star wars games and that kinda kept me from playing kotor. I bought kotor 1 and 2 about a week ago at a movie gallery getting rid of xbox games and they're awesome. Was planning on putting them on ebay but I'm at least going to play through them first, possibly they'll make it to the "keep forever" pile.
i don't have an xbox game that i SHOULD'VE purchased but how bout here's a few that i DID purchase, traded in, and wish i had them back!!

KOTOR (epic!!)
halo 1 & 2

should've never sold my xbox...
Just bought Unreal championship 2 (Xbox) secondhand, never had an original Xbox so I'm making up for lost time now, not bad for $NZ 5. Used to fiend Unreal tournament 4 on PC years ago, was up there as one of my favourite games. Uc2's nearly as good, but not quite, mind you I prefer to aim with mouse than the stick ;D

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