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May 2004
Who here has Xbox Live, what are your gamertags, and what games do you have with online play?


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow
NFL Fever 2004
Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: Clone Wars
Jun 2004
There's actually a topic for this in the XBOX forum. I wonder if anyone actually visits there. :lol

I don't have XBL yet. I'm waiting for Halo 2, so I probably won't get Live until around September or October.

I do plan on getting Amped 2 and Crimson Skies though. If I get good enough at them, I might get XBL sooner. :)


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May 2004
I went ahead and moved the topic here...

go ahead and post about online meetings in the online gaming discussion... keep live discussion here.....

Do you think that is the best?

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May 2004
I love live. The game selection for online play is amazing, and that is the #1 reason why I switched to the box. I liked the cube and all, but I would rather play against people of different difficulties than my friends over and over again.
Well, if you ever see the name SteamNazi or Kroutwagon, there's a good chance that's me. Someday, in the not too distant but distant enough future, we should try to organize playin some Halo online. The only problem is my one friend who's Xbox we use is on vacation so it'll have to be a couple weeks at least.
How good are you and your friend? Are you legit or do you cheat? What are your favorite levels and modes?

Sorry for the questions, but it would be nice to know before we play.

MM and I are decent, both well rounded. His favorite gun is the pistol, I like the sniper. We are mostly legit (only use glitches etc if you cheat against us) We like mostly any level on TS or CTF.
Well, I usually play with 3 of my friends. One's a sniper whore, that's all he does, and he's pretty good at it, really annoying to play against though. I got another friend who's also pretty good, he generally uses the pistol, and can get headshots pretty quickly. Then there's my last friend and I, who aren't that good, he's definitely better than me though. We mostly play CTF at Blood Gultch and we don't use any of the hacks or anything (like running the flag off the level). When we do play that my crappy friend and I are usually in charge of getting the flag, defending the base, driving the Warthog (what I do best), basically the grunt work that they don't want to do. I'm also a fan of the shotgun cuz I'm a pretty poor shot.
We can easily have 4 people......most likely we would have
Me-Well rounded, good at sniping, doesn't camp
Kevyn(MM)-Well rounded, pistol whore :), doesn't camp
Dustin-Sniper Whore, camps, sucks at doing anything outside of camping
Nathan-Decent, snipes if he can, camper

Dustin and Nathan will camp teleports, spawns, vehicles, and weapons/powerups. They are as annoying as crap to play with, but Dustin is alot worse to play with.
Jun 2004
I have friends that do that when we do system link. Ugh. They really like to camp and snipe in Sidewinder, which is totally irritating. It's more fun to play Blood Gulch, Hang 'Em High, and Wizard, because they don't seem to do that in those maps.
Except the whore the shotgun and camp teleports (like in chill out)

Dustin was doing that vs me and Nathan. (Ian was on Dustin's team) Nathan got so sick of Dustin camping, he threw his controller at the TV stand thingy. Maybe we should all agree to not play Halo with him, cause he camps.....

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