Xenoblade Chronicles

Apparently since this game was a game stop exclusive or was just produced in limited quantity its hard to find and pricey. I just saw one at my game stop for $64.00 used, which is the cheapest I've seen it (other then at release)

Is this game worth it? For all the good reviews I've read on it elsewhere no one at EGA has said a word about it.
The combat system is always the deal breaker in an RPG. The story and characters can be awesome but if the combat system is broke then the game sucks.

What was wrong with it? Was it just hard to get used to or was it just kinda crappy?
Jun 2004
Well in one of the first boss fights, you have to do a very specific thing, which none of the tutorials cover. I couldn't beat the boss and didn't know what I was missing, so I had to read online to find out what it was

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