Neo Geo CD yet another load time thread...sort of

I'm in the market for yet another neogeo cd. I've owned one a few times before but always get bored and sell it off. However I recently got my hands on some Neo CD games rather cheap (originals even, can you believe it?) so now I'm after another unit.
I've never been a big fighting game fan but am thinking about picking up some of the classics as they can mostly be had for next to nothing. What fighting games had just the up front load times, or minimal between match loads, as well as no missing frames, etc.
I've owned KoF 99 and Last Blade before so i know to stay away from them already. :)
Double Dragon is a low loader I believe... and isn't too bad :)

I think Samurai Shodown 2... that had not as large long times... but my mind is blanking onthis right now... let me get back with you.

are you looking at a CDZ?

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nope, just a regular run of the mill cd. I actually have a CDZ with a bad drive that has been sitting around for two years, but can't find anywhere to get a replacement.
kraftwerks said:
nope, just a regular run of the mill cd.  I actually  have a CDZ with a bad drive that has been sitting around for two years, but can't find anywhere to get a replacement.
you probably won't. I could give you a small amount for the broken drive as long as the cosmetic condition is excellent or better.

I have a CDZ in stock right now... not listed yet. Should be tonight or soon.

Anyway... Shiny had good recommendations. Fatal Fury Special has a really cool sound track that (IMO) is a little better than the AES version.

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Just an opinion, but if the load times annoy you, you probably should stay away from the CD and get an AES. You have already sold your systems several times, and there is probably a reason for that.

When I had a CD system, I played the Last Blade on it, and the loads never bother me. I loved it. I even invited my friends over to play the last blade. In fact, I would still be playing my CD system now if it hadn't died on me.

If your getting a CD system for the cheaper titles, you mine as well get an AES anyhow. I personally think the only reason to own a CD system to get the titles you cannot afford on the AES.

Magician Lord is 30 dollars on AES.
Samurai Shodown 2 is 30 dollars on AES.
Fatal Fury Special is 40 dollars on AES.

Almost all those titles are cheap.

Just my opinion.
Those games on the CD are still a tad bit cheaper, but some of them can creap up to as much as the AES.

Just depends :) But yes... if load times bother you.... consider getting an AES.

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Shiny said:
Or MVS, no load times and it's cheaper than AES. Unless you're one of those people that MUST have the proper home cart. But if you ask me those people are nuts! I recently saw a EURO AES copy of Neo Turf Masters go for £800!!! MVS cart... £20.
Iguess it depends what you are looking for :) Some people want the home cart... while others have the arcade machine to use the MVS games.

while I couldn't/wouldn't drop that kind of cash on the AES games... if someone wnats to.. go for it. Part of the price is the rarity too... an MVS cart in that game isn;t NEAR as hard to find...

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