Yokai Watch

Anyone played any of these games yet? When I bought my son the actual watch and a few of the medals I assumed it'd be a passing fad. There's a new watch, new medals and two 3ds games for Yokai Watch 2, not to mention another season or so of cartoons. Guess I was wrong. I never got the first 3ds game but it looked so fun on YouTube that I purchased both flavors of Yokai Watch 2 for Christmas presents.
Japan is taking another run at Pokémon. Its an rpg-ish with heavy influences from Japanese folk lore toned down to make toys and games for kids. It was localized here in a aim small miss small kinda way and seemingly paid off. They even were slick enough to cash in on the blind bag phenomenon youtubers have created a frenzy over (that's seemingly starting to cool down some). The movie came out on Netflix recently and the toy line has grown substantially.
Jun 2004
The game is pretty fun and has really humorous dialogue. It's probably a little more strategy heavy than Pokemon, although it may only feel that way because I'm unfamiliar with it.

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