Your best memories of the N64?


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May 2004
what are your best memories of the N64?

IE playing with friends, multiplayer games..... single player, discovering new levels..etc...

What is your favorite memories?  Post them up here!

This is a continuation of the Ezboard post.

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Mai Valentine

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Jun 2004
Playing crazy 4 player games with my friends. We played Perfect Dark, the Mario Party games, Cruisin World, and Mario Kart 64 all the time. It was a blast. And the best thing was that we were pretty equally skilled at all the games, so no one consistently kicked everyone else's butts.

Here are a few of my favorite memories playing games by myself though:

My high score for taking a picture of Mew in Pokemon Snap.
The first time I ever explored the Forest Dungeon in Ocarina of Time.
The first time I rode Epona in Ocarina of Time...oh heck, Ocarina of Time, period. :p
Jun 2004
Getting Ocarina of Time for Christmas after thinking I wouldn't get it, and crying. And i'm not a person who cries over anything at all. Then of course there's the whole experience of playing the game.


Jun 2004
Thats funny Retro cause thats exactly how it happened for me too. I had no clue I was getting a 64 for christmas. I remember seeing all those OOT commercials and getting sad that I couldn't have it. I was so excited when I opened the box an there was a 64 with Mario, Mario kart and Zelda. I remember turning on OOT for the first time ever and just watching the intro over and over. To this day no other game or system has had such an impact on me.
May 2004
For me, it was finally getting my 64 to work the first time and playing Mario 64. When I first got my 64, I hooked everything up and turned it on and guess what? It wouldn't work. I nearly cried. Then we took it back and got it replaced and I was in 3D heaven. (I didn't have a PSone yet- :p)
Jun 2004
Definitely the 4 player funfests. Mario Party 1 and 2, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Mario Kart are just some of the games that we racked up days and days of playtime on.
My first memory was of me walking into Toys R' Us,
grabbing the controller and having Mario swim in the pond in front of Peaches castle in Super Mario 64.
I also thought it was unbelievable to have water as realistic as Wave Racer's, but that game got boring. :(
Aug 2004
Beating up Bowser in Super Mario 64, and later getting all 120 stars.

Throwing proximity mines everywhere in Goldeneye.

Putting landmines in front of peoples' treasure chests in the banana (so that they'd lose their cargo, and be very mad) mini game, or pulling people into the water trench with the magnent in the same level of Diddy Kong Racing. Also, there was something very satisfying about shooting someone with a rocket right after they picked up their egg in the volcano level.

Running down the collapsing castle in Ocarina of Time.

Shooting some of the ultimate weapons in Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

Some of the bigger battles in Star Fox 64.

And... beating up (and getting beat up by) my friends in Super Smash Bros.
Jul 2004
I'm still playing mine but I love winning in NHL '99 on all-star level. Finishing a dungeon in OOT is also great!! :af

Mai Valentine

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Jun 2004
I remember when I first got my N64. I was so happy! It was still expensive so I didn't get any games to go with it. I just rented games for a while. The first game I rented was Pokemon Snap because I love that game! Then I decided I wanted a game to own, so my mom took me looking around pawn shops, and I found Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I bought that since it was a Zelda game, and totally fell in love with it. :) Those were the days.
Jun 2004
It was kinda amusing how I got my N64. My mom asked my bro and I what games, etc. were good for the N64 cause her one friend at work was buying one for her kids. So we said that Mario 64 was good, and so was Diddy Kong Racing. We also said it'd be great for them to have another controller so they can play 2 player.
Christmas came, and guess what? My grandparents got my bro and I an N64 with Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing :D. I got lots of fun out of that sytem. Mario 64 and OOT were my favorites, the other games I had were okay, but nothing special to note.
1.beating super Mario 64 and collecting 120 stars
2.playing star fox 64(best star fox ever)
3.hitting my friends playstation with it(just kidding =))
4.finishing paper Mario for the 3rd time
5. beating all of my firends at Mario tennis(owned)
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Seeing Super Mario 64 for the first time in October of 1996...and just listening to the grass when mario walks...the birds chirping...and having the true ability to look around for the first time...

Another memory, is spending almost every single weekend from Fall of 1997 till Spring of 1998 playing GoldenEye...was pretty much a ritual...3 or 4 player deathmatch all the time..High School was so much better back then lol
Mar 2005
Pokemon snap was the only game I kicked my brother's butts in. I got my high score with an amazing picture of mew that my brothers still can't beat :p - Oh and beating Ocarina of time for my boyfriend in 4th grade. Thanks N64!!