Your best memories of the N64?

Aug 2007
I'll always remember when i was really young (like 5 or 6) and i didnt have any video games, whenever i went to my cousins house downstate we would spend hours playing mario kart 64 and star fox, and fighting over who got to play super mario next. Man i miss that.


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Jun 2004
Once three friends and I were playing Mario Kart and realized that we had been playing for a long enough time that we all needed a fresh shave before going anywhere. "Dude..."
Nov 2010
My best memories of the N64 are with my friends console rather than mine. He was a Nintendo freak and was dying to get it on its launch day, so much so, that I remember his Mum selling their Microwave just to raise the cash for it. lol

Needless to say, he got it on launch day, and the weeks that followed were pretty much spent round his house partaking in Marathon sessions on Mario 64 and Turok. The summer that followed was us just bumming around, smoking and playing video games. PSX, Saturn and of Course, the Nintendo 64.

Those were good times. :D
Jan 2011
I can't quite get over just how much time I played Goldeneye 007 with friends. I have to say, I miss local multiplayer - The PS3 doesn't support all that much...

I have two N64 memories that stand out though.

The first was back when Nintendo would send out VHS tapes for marketing. They were cheesy as heck, but I loved the video about Star Fox 64, and how it featured the rumble pack. I was sooo excited to play the independence day level, and to try out the Landmaster tank!

My other fondest memory was by far Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Hailed by many as the perfect game - It caught me at just the right age and it was an incredible experience. Memories of fighting Gannon after running out of magic for light arrows, riding my horse, playing the tunes on the Ocarina, or even just fishing, made this game a dream.

Good times.
Feb 2011
I made a t-shirt design of one of the memories I had of the N64. Mario Party ripping the skin off of the palm of my hand as I refused to lose. has t-shirts and stickers of it if you want to check it out.