Your best memories of the N64?

Jul 2004
The N64 cost me a solid point in my GPA during college. by my sophomore year I was dating a girl that worked in the housing office who was able to get all our friends on the same hall so we could do whatever whenever. My room had all the video games and the big tv so it was a constant drunk game fest. 4 player multiplayer perfect dark, goldeneye, mario kart, and mario party took the place of regular attendance and homework. The 64 was and still currently holds the record as my most loved local multiplayer machine ever.
just seeing mario 64 and how impressive it felt at the time..the 3d looking characters instead of flat side scrollers, the cool snow levels and bowser boss battles and that bunny u chase and the creepy basement etc...just an overwhelming good feeling :)


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Jun 2004
Grindspine said:
Once three friends and I were playing Mario Kart and realized that we had been playing for a long enough time that we all needed a fresh shave before going anywhere. "Dude..."
I think I spent more time my freshman year of college playing Mario Kart 64, WCW Wrestling, Warcraft II, and Quake than attending lectures. Granted, just those first two were on N64--still good times though!