"Z." - a digital zombie card game on Kickstarter

Jun 2012
Hey, everyone!

I'm Stephanie, community manager for game studio Downward Viral. I wanted to stop by and share some exciting news about our Kickstarter for "Z." -- a downloadable zombies-versus-survivors card game with cross-platform support, killstreaks, story and RPG modes, and lots of other fun stuff.

Because our cards use live photography and special horror effects, we're able to invite a few guests on board and work closely with cosplayers. We're happy to announce that Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert of Double Fine Productions, Jessica Nigri of Lollipop Chainsaw, Mr. Destructoid, and Tex Murphy, among others, have signed on! These guest cards will be free to all backers. (Take a look at our Kickstarter video to see the making of Zombie Whitney.)

We're also teaming up with the crew behind the Left 4 Dead short film to make live-action episodic content for the game.

We'd LOVE your feedback on Z., so here's a little more about it. We're gamers first and foremost, so we're implementing deep mechanics and strategy and borrowing a few tricks from our favorites. Here are a few highlights:

- Cross-platform play for iOS, PC, Android, Mac, Facebook, and Linux
- Single-player episodic story mode w/ live-action cutscenes!
- Single or cooperative "RPG" mode with random loot, XP, and more!
- Turn-based multiplayer duels -- take your turn whenever you want!
- Auto-sort your library: instantly create custom decks to fit your playstyle!
- Intelligent matchmaking -- play against people with the same power decks
- Killstreaks, traps, and equipment sets bring elements of your favorite games to the trading card genre
- Unlock new cards naturally through gameplay!

Think of Z. as "Magic: The Gathering meets The Walking Dead," only totally free-to-play. Our creative director Sebastian Haley recently posted an update (in his daily series) that talks about the differences and what makes our game unique.

Backers get plenty of rewards, including a print-and-play bonus and a deluxe box edition.

What do you think? Let me know if you guys have any questions. You can even email me directly!