Zintrick Game Review

Zintrick Neo Geo CD Zintrick Neo Geo CD

When it comes to puzzlers on the Neo Geo, only two game series reign king (Bust a Move and Magical Drop); everything else unfortunately ranks from average to horrid (the line goes down from Puzzled to the atrocious Gururin). Zintrick lies right in the middle point, but who wants average after playing Magical Drop 3??? Zintrick is one of the very few games out there that is a Neo Geo CD exclusive title (others include Samurai RPG and Crossed Swords 2 and that mahjong game); this is probably the only point for cd owners to feel happy about, the cartridge crowd probably feels relieved they’ll never get the opportunity to play it though. Not that this game is terrible, again, the game is very average, to the point of being mind numbingly mediocre. To start with, the graphics are very generic, with sappy ADK designed art and a really bland color palette. Music is UNBEARABLE; almost like listening Bust a Move 4 on the game boy color. Gameplay and control are tight however, but nothing exciting to play. Think of this as a Tetris game that plays side to side rather than up and down and uses different color rain drop looking icons and you’ll pretty much get the point. You can select from different (boring) characters which doesn’t break up the game play at all because they all play the same (ok except for some special move that’ll affect the way you break raindrops that you’ll use occasionally). ADK is a very underrated game team. While most of what they do is blah crap, they have made some really good games on the Neo (Ninja Masters and Twinkle Star Sprites for example). Zintrick falls in the blah crap category, and only puzzle people and cd collectors should get this.

Overall Score: 4 out of 10

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